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Elden Ring: How to Get All 6 Black Flame Incantations

In Elden Ring, the inclusion of Black Flame can be found in practically every Faith build. In this post, you will learn how to get all six incantations for the Black Flame.

Elden Ring: How to Get All 6 Black Flame Incantations

Black Flame is an incantation spell that, once cast, continues to cause damage in the form of a burn on the target’s health. This incantation spell is effective against foes with a large health pool. In Elden Ring, a player has the opportunity to gain a total of six different incantations for the Black Flame. You will learn which bosses you need to kill, which NPCs you need speak to, and how to get Black Flame incantations with the help of this tutorial.

Black Flame Incantation & Black Flame Blade

Elden Ring: How to Get All 6 Black Flame Incantations

Black Flame unleashes a burst of arcane black flame that delivers respectable damage and causes further burn damage to the target’s health. To use this, you need to have 20 Faith. Black flame will be applied to the surface of any melee weapon that is susceptible to the effects of weapon greases. causing burn damage to the target’s health when they are hit by your weapon. 17 This requires a strong belief on your part.

It is possible to gain Black Flame and Black Flame Blade at Stormveil Castle, which is located close to Rampart Tower. Get out of the chamber and make a direct leap down to the roof in front of you. From there, jump down to the elevated platform, and there will be a stairway just beneath it. At the bottom of the stairs, there will find a door that is guarded by a statue of an imp. Unlocking it will allow you to enter, where you will discover two chests. The first one will have the Godskin Prayer Book in it, while the second one will have the Godslayer’s seal. If you take the prayer book to any seller that sells incantations, you will be able to buy the Black Flame incantation, as well as the Black Flame Blade.

Scouring Black Flame

Scouring Black Flame is useful for applying an effect that does damage over time to numerous targets simultaneously when they are near together. In order to utilise this, you need to have 28 Faith. You will need to kill a godskin boss at the top of the Windmill Village, which is located in the northeastern part of the Altus Plateau, in order to get this. You just need to make your way to the top of this region to locate the boss who is waiting for you to claim this incantation.

Noble Presence

The Noble Presence ability channels the power of the godskin noble to force your belly to swell and deal a significant amount of knockback to anything that is extremely close by. Putting more effort into charging it will result in more damage. To make advantage of this, you will need 26 Faith. You will not be able to acquire this incantation until you have vanquished the godskin noble boss that is located at the conclusion of the Temple of Eiglay in Volcano Manor. If you haven’t gone to the rear side of Volcano Manor before, you may access this area by going through the first room on the right as you enter the guest hall via the main door. The illusion wall is located in the back right corner of that room. You will be able to get the incantation when you have reached this area and defeated the monster that was located along the trail.

Black Flame Ritual

The Black Flame Ritual causes pillars of black flame to materialise around you in a circle, where they will remain for a short period of time. Since of the repeated application, this one will be useful for administering the black flame debuff because it will be difficult to overlook after it has been applied. You need to have 42 Faith in order to utilise this. You may gain the Black Flame Ritual by vanquishing the godskin monsters that are located at the end of the Spiritcaller Cave. This cave can be found along the western wall of the frozen lake on the mountain top of the giants.

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