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ELDEN RING – Completionist Checklist and Reference Guide

Those who want to ensure that they do not overlook anything throughout their game should try to amass as much as possible and complete as many missions as they can.

About this information

This guide should cross out missed objects/quests. The guide is built as a sequential path. It’s simply for consistency that we do it this way.

Checklist is for feasible completion (for instance, information skips Nepheli doll or Dung-eater doll to realise extra reward, however mentions it).

They may be cultivated at any moment.

No irreplaceable items (like souvenirs).

No replenishable items (such ghost gloveworts or non-historic smithing stones).

No sacrifice sticks.

Unexplored map-fragment locations are typically not included.

Separate from route, dungeons and caverns are discussed in the world’s long run.

In the lengthy run of the segment, following the boss, quest development and “wrap up” are suggested.

It’s a guideline, thus only missions need to follow it.

Checklist ensures 100% success (besides completely different endings on the finish)

Checklist uses grace sites and named locations for navigation and is meant for those who have beaten the game at least once, although anybody may use it.

Linebreaks separate route chain breaks (where you must start again).

Two characters I created used it. Arcane construct (level 1 to 80 at final boss) was utilised to check out the path (even with out fast selecting golden seeds or helpful weapons forward of route, or skipping onerous enemies). Again, it was for “science.” I don’t sure how many builds except blood can handle Dragonbarrow early.

Found mistakes, missing items, and suggestions welcome.

Hope this helps!



[Quest step]


* Invader

! Warning

> Notes

Enemy/Area may be difficult during way (depending on character and skill), mark and return later.

# Area boss or miniboss


– dungeon objects

General route to know guidelines order

Limgrave (west to east clockwise)

Peninsula (down east -> heart up -> down west)


Liurnia (east up -> heart up -> west center down -> west center up)


Carian Manor

Ansel River

Siofra River

Caelid (west down -> heart counterclockwise -> dragonbarrow west and north and again south in a loop)

Redmane Castle (regular/competition)



Lake of Rot

Moon Altar

Deeproot Depths

Altus Plateau (north-ish -> round tree -> north-west -> clockwise east -> again south)

Capital Outskirts (clockwise)

Mt.Gelmir (west -> again and north -> counterclockwise)

Shaded Castle

Volcano Manor



Mountaintops of Giants West (north)

Castle Sol

Mountaintops of Giants East (south)

Consecrated Snowfield (north to the river -> east -> from river heart counterclockwise)

Moghwyn Palace



Ashen Capital


Tarnished Wizard finger

Gesture: Strength

Finger Severer + Tarnished’s Furled Finger

Limgrave (east)

[Quest_Varre_1] Talk to Varre (First Step checkpoint)

Small Golden Effigy (First Step checkpoint)

{Merchant_1} Kale (Church of Elleh, north of First Step checkpoint). Buy => Nomadic Warrior Cookbook[1],Nomadic Warrior Cookbook[2],Missionary Cookbook[1],Telescope,Torch,Crafting Kit,Cracked Pot x3, Chain Set, Large Leather defend

☠ Golden Halberd (Tree Sentinel)

AOW: Stamp sweep (invisible bug on the western shore)

{Merchant_2} On the western shore. Buy => Armorer Cookbook[2], broadsword, membership, bow, defend

[Quest_Ranni_1] Get Horse, after that !AT NIGHT! return to Church of Elleh bonfire, speak to Ranni => Ashes: Lone Wolf + Spirit Bell

Lordsworn Greatsword (cart in Gatefront ruins)

Flail (one other cart in Gatefront ruins)

AOW: Storm Stomp + Whetstone knife (cellar in Gatefront ruins)

[Quest_Boc_1]: Talking bush close to Agheel Lake North bonfire

Armorer’s Cookbook [1] (camp north west of Agheel Lake North checkpoint)

* [Quest_Yura_2] + Reduvia (this step could be performed skipping Step 1) Invader Nerijus (in a canyon, down Murkwater Coast checkpoint), Yura could be summoned. Talk to him close by afterwards

Painting “Homing Instinct” (Artist’s shack checkpoint) > droppoint south-west-west from Dragon-burnt ruins, close to the cliff and tombstones

AOW: Willpower and Resolve (bug close to bridge close to Agheel Lake North bonfire)

☠ AOW: Repeating thrust (At Night: Night Cavalry on a bridge close to Agheel Lake North bonfire)

[Quest_Sellen_1] Talk + Buy Spells + Gesture: Nod in thought (Waypoint Ruins)

Great Axe (convoy close to Waypoint Ruins)

☠ Larval Tear (Runebear hiding as fundamental man, close to Anghel Lake south checkpoint throughout the street)

Royal House Scroll (Ruins with garrison south east of Anghel Lake south checkpoint, on prime, with wizard)

Great Epee (Ruins with garrison south east of Anghel Lake south checkpoint, within the chest)

Starlight shard (south east from ruins with garrison)

[Quest_Blaidd_2] (begin in east) Summon him for Forlorn Hound Evergaol battle, speak afterwards

!Bloodhound’s Fang (Forlorn Hound Evergaol) !Don’t overlook about Quest_Blaidd right here, possibly return later when he is prepared

AOW: Unsheathe (bug within the lake, guarded by large crabs)

[Quest_Yura_1] Talk to ronin, below the ruins, if not fought invader with him earlier than on Step 2 (seaside ruins bonfire)

AOW: Gravitas (skinny man on a southern shore, drop down on spiritspring)

> Incantation Scarab: droppoint for Homing Instinct portray, south-west-west from Dragon-burnt ruins, close to the cliff and tombstones

Haligdrake Talisman (cave close to skinny man, resulting in tutorial space)

Twinblade (Dragon burnt ruins cellar)

Stonesword key (Dragon burnt ruins)

> Chest Teleport to Sellia Crystal tunnel (Caelid)

Dragon Heart (Dragon north of Dragon burnt ruins) >if return to Yura afterwards, he’ll inform about Dragon Communion Church (optionally available)

Golden seed (path from Limgrave to Stormhill shack)

Starlight shard (South west from Stormgate, close to sleeping big)

Gesture: Crossed Legs (prime of smash close to Starlight shard and sleeping big)

☠ Aspects of Crucible: Tail (Stormhill Evergaol, south of Stormgate)

Arrow Reach Talisman (towers south of Stormgate)

Ashes: Godrick troopers (cemetery with numerous jellyfish, west of Stormgate)

AOW: Wild strikes (bug on the street to Stormveil citadel)

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook [7] (damaged bridge north, close to crone)

AOW: Storm Wall (bug under damaged north bridge close to crone)

Stonesword key (Stormhill shack)

[Quest_Roderika_1] Talk to Heartbroken Maiden (Stormhill shack) => Gesture: Sitting sideways + Ashes: Jellyfish

[Quest_Manor_0] Talk to Bernahl close to Warmaster Shack checkpoint. Buy => AOWs

☠ * Bone Peddler Bell Bearing (At Night: Bell bearing hunter in Warmaster shack)

Strength-knot crystal tear (north-west of Warmaster, close to troll up the hill)

* Hammer Talisman (Invader Henricus, north of Warmaster, close to colliseum) !!missable after killing Margit boss apparently!!

Duelist Finger (close to colliseum, north of Warmaster)

AOW: Golden Vow (north east from Warmaster, lone knight rider)

Beast Crest Hunter defend (camp west of Warmaster shack)

Lance (prime of smash within the camp west of Warmaster shack)

Lance Talisman (north east of Deathtouched Catacombs, below the bridge)

☠ Blue Feathered BranchSword talisman (At Night: Deathbird, southeast from Warmaster shack, on large fallen smash, close to trolls)

[Quest_Alexander_1] Help Alexander escape and speak to him (close to Saintsbridge checkpoint) => Gesture: Triumphant delight

Golden Seed (return to Stormhill shack after Roderika strikes to Hold: Quest_Roderika_2). To make her transfer, both relaxation at any checkpoint in Limgrave, or choose Chrysalids Memento in Stormveil Castle

[Quest_Rogier_1] Summon him for the battle with Margit > optionally available

!# Talisman pouch (Margit. !Warning: end all three invasions in Limgrave and Peninsula, boss might block it.)

☠[[Fringefork Hero’s Grave: Require Stone Key]]

– Erdtree favor

– Erdtree greatbow (destroy charriot with hanging pots)

– Stonesword key

– Dragon Communion Seal

– Golden Seed + Ashes: Banished Knight Oleg

[[StormFoot Catacombs]]

– Voice “Hello”

– Ashes: Wandering Noble

– #Ahses: Noble Sorcerer

[[GroveSide Cave]]

– Cracked pot

– #Flamedrake talisman

[[Coastal Cave]]

– [Quest_Boc_2] speak at bonfire

– #Tailoring instruments + Sewing needle

-> Exit to Church of Dragon communion

– [Quest_Boc_3] return to entrance and give needle

[[Deathtouched catacombs]]

– Uchigatana

– #Assassin Crimson Dagger talisman

– Deathroot

[[Highroad Cave]]

– Shamshir

– #Blue Dancer Charm talisman

[[Murkwater Catacombs]]

– #Ashes: Banished knight Engval

[[Murkwater Cave]]

– [Quest_Patches_1] Whoop his ass and speak !don’t kill unintentionally! =>  Gesture: Grovel for Mercy

if begin battle once more and permit him to kill you => Gesture: Extreme Repentance

– [Quest_Patches_2] On return open chest and be teleported to Misty Ruins to bears, return, speak to Patches => Gesture: Calm down

– {Merchant_Patches} => Stonesword key, Parrying dagger, Horse Crest picket defend, Margit’s shackle, Missionary Cookbook [2], Sacrificial Twig, Gold Pickled Fowl foot, and many others

[[Limgrave Tunnels]]

– #Roar medallion

Limgrave (west)

> proceed from Alexander

{Merchant_3} West of Saintsbridge => Nomadic Cookbook 3, Bandit masks, cracked pot

> [Quest_D_0] Can speak to D on a cemetery close to Summonwater Village outskirts, if not went to Roundtable earlier than

#Ashes: Skeletal Militia + Deathroot (Summonwater Village)

Green Turtle talisman (Summonwater Village cellar)

Nomadic Cookbook 14 + Missionary Cookbook 3 (Smoldering church)

* Sacred scorpion talisman (Anastasia 1st invasion, Smouldering church)

AOW: Sacred blade (bug, north of third church of Marika, close to spiritspring)

Flask of Wonderous Physics + Crimson Crystal Tear (third church of Marika)

!Teleport (third church of Marika) => Caelid, Bestial sanctum (could be hinted by D in Roundtable Hold)

[Quest_Nepheli_1]: Talk to Kenneth on prime of smash, on a street from third church again to Limgrave

Fevor’s Cookbook [1] (coffins, south-east of Summonwater Village Outskirts checkpoint, east of Artist’s shack, north of Kenneth)

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook[4] (close to map fragment and scratching runebear)

Cracked Tear + Crystal Tear (close to Siofra River carry)

AOW: Ground Slam (bug between Merchant_4 and Siofra River carry)

{Merchant_4} (close to Fort Height West checkpoint) => Nomadic Warrior Cookbook[5], Armorer Cookbook [3]

Axe Talisman (Mistwood Ruins cellar, below sleeping runebear)

[Quest_Blaidd_1] Hear howling in Mistwood Ruins => go to Kale service provider (Merchant_1) => Gesture: Snap => Return to Mistwood Ruins => Gesture Snap => Talk to Blaidd

Golden Seed (Fort Height)

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook [6] (Fort Height)

AOW: Bloody Slash (Fort Height)

Dectus Medallion – left (Fort Height)

Large Club (south of Evergaol, close to bridge of Sacrifice, across the plateau)

Stonesword Key (Bridge of Sacrifice)

[Quest_Nepheli_2]: Talk to Kenneth after clearing Fort Height, pledge for service. Same place, on prime of smash => Erdsteel Dagger

[Quest_Nepheli_3]: Return to Fort Height and speak to him

Weeping Peninsula

> beginning at Bridge of Sacrifice

[Quest_Irina_1] Talk to, close to Bridge of Sacrifice, get letter

Morning Star (cart, street south from Bridge of Sacrifice)

AOW: Mighty Shot (bug, street south from Bridge of Sacrifice)

{Merchant_5} Castle Mourne Rampart checkpoint => Crimson amber medallion, Stonesword key, pots, and many others

☠ Nightrider Flail + AOW: Barricade defend (At Night: Night Cavalry close to Castle Mourne Rampart checkpoint)

Memory Stone (Oridy’s Rise, kill three ghost turtles, one is invisible within the pond)

Starlight shard (East of Oridy’s Rise)

Great Turtle Shell (tower south of Oridy’s Rise, bounce on prime with spiritspring)

Golden Seed (West of map fragment)

☠ Sacrificial Axe (At night time: Deathbird, West of Golden Seed)

Poison Mist (Teleporting bug, east of map fragment)

Flame Crest Wooden defend (Ailing village)

Flame of Frenzy (Callu Baptismal church)

Sacred tear (Callu Baptismal church)

Hand Ballista (Forest lookout tower, prime of the hill southwest of Bridge of Sacrifice)

Lightning Strike (Above Mourne Tunnel, zone with heavy lightning bombardment)

Shield of Guilty (Demi-human Forest Ruins cellar)

Demi-human Queen Staff + Crystal Burst (Demi-human Forest ruins)

Faith-knot Crystal Tear (north of Demi-human Forest ruins)

Sacred tear (Church of Pilgrimage) > north of church is a droppoint for “Prophecy” portray

Gilded Iron Shield (Church of Pilgrimage)

Eclipse Crest Heater Shield (north-west of Erdtree, bounce down on ledge and then on protruding stone)

Winged Scythe (Tombstone Ruins cellar)

Sacred Tear (fourth church of Marika)

Ambush Shard (Witchbane ruins)

☠ Radagon Scarseal talisman (Weeping Evergaol)

{Merchant_6} Isolated Merchant’s shack => Buy Lantern, Stonesword keys 3, Zweihender, Lost ash of warfare, Twigs, and many others

> Teleporter to Leyndell, Royal Capital (prime of Tower of Return)

!# Opaline Bubbletear + Crystalburst Crystal tear (Tree Avatar close to minor Erdtree) !Warning: end all three invasions in Limgrave and Peninsula, boss might block it.

[[Earthbore Cave]]

– #Spelldrake talisman

[[Impaler’s Catacombs]]

– voice “Please, help”

– #Ashes: Demihuman

[[Mourne Tunnel]]

– Rusted Anchor

[[Tombswart Catacombs]]

– Nomadic Warrior Cookbook [9] (require Stonesword key)

– Voice “Thank you”

– Ashes: Lhutel The Headless

[[Tombswart Cave]]

– Nomadic Warrior Cookbook [8] (require Stonesword key)

– Veridian Amber Medallion

Roundtable Hold

> accessible after any bonfire out of Limgrave or Weeping Peninsula

[Quest_Corhyn_1] Talk to brother Corhyn

[Quest_D_1]Talk to D, present him deathroot

[Quest_Diallos_1] Talk to Diallos (most likely optionally available)

Talk to Gideon

[Quest_Fia_1] Hug Fia

Talk to particular person close to Gideon’s door => Gesture: What would you like?

[Quest_Varre_2] Talk to Varre (similar place, First Step checkpoint)

Crepus Blackkey Crossbow (cellar, want Stonesword key)

Assassin’s prayerbook (cellar, want two extra Stonesword keys)

!* Taunter’s tongue (Invader, bounce down from balcony, !WAIT for him to finish greetings gesture => Gesture: Reverential bow)

Cypher Pata (room close to Invader)

Talk to Gideon on subsequent return to Hold

[Quest_Roderika_2] When she seems within the Hold, speak to her, then to Hewg, repeat course of till she turn into spirit tuner (must reload)

[Quest_Fia_2] Next time in Hold, hug once more and Talk in Secret

[Quest_Diallos_4] Talk to Diallos after assembly in Liurnia

> Go to Gurranq in Beastial Sanctum, if did not earlier than (Teleport close to third church of Marika). Continue giving him Deathroots at any time when discovered. !After second one he’ll assault on subsequent go to, simply hit him somewhat and he stops.

[Quest_D_2] Talk after visiting Gurranq in Beastial Sanctum

>>> Godrick defeated <<<

!Gesture: Bravo (after beating Godrick go to First Step checkpoint to the place the place Varre was)

[Quest_Nepheli_6] Talk to Nepheli after killing Godrick => Arsenal Charm talisman

Gesture: Rapture (Touch Two Fingers after killing Godrick)

Talk to Gideon about each boss

[Quest_Rogier_3] Talk after kill Godrick => Rogier Rapier

[Quest_Fia_3] Talk about Rogier, she’ll give a clue the place to get Black Knifeprint (Black knife catacombs, see Lurina East)

[Quest_Rogier_4] Give Black Knifeprint

* Clinging bone (Ensha invades after Quest_Nepheli_7, upon return from Albinaurics Village)

Royal Remains set (close to Gideon’s door, the place Ensha was)

[Quest_Nepheli_8] Talk to Nephelie downstairs

[Quest_Nepheli_9] Talk to Gideon about Nepheli

[Quest_Rogier_5] Talk about the whole lot, obtain knifeprint again, discover Ranni wherabouts

[Quest_D_3] Speak about Rogier

[Quest_Fia_4] Speak about Rogier => Sacrificial Twig

[Quest_Roderika_3] After leveling any ash to 4+, speak => Gesture: Curtsy

>>> Rennala defeated <<<

Talk to Enia => Talisman Pouch

[Quest_Nepheli_11] Talk about Gideon, Give Stormhawk Ashes (after visiting Four Bellfries – Precipice of Anticipation), exhaust dialog

>>>Altus Plateau go to<<<

[Quest_Corhyn_2] Talk about leaving

[Quest_Fia_5] Talk to her, she asks for a favor => Withered dagger

[Quest_Fia_6][Quest_D_4] Give Withered Dagger to D

[Quest_Fia_7][Quest_D_5] in new room speak to Fia. Pick up => D’s bell bearing + Twinned Set

[Quest_DungEater_2] Talk to Roderica about noises, speak to Dung-eater

[Quest_Corhyn_3] Talk to him about leaving (most likely after simply entry to Altus Plateau)

>>> Fia accomplished <<<

Pick from Rogier => Rogier’s Bell bearing + Spellsword’s Set + Rogier’s Letter

>>> Dung-eater test <<<

[Quest_DungEater_5] speak to Dung-eater after buying Seedbed Curse => Sever-Gaol Key

>>> Moghwyn Palace go to <<<

Fevor’s Cookbook [3] (Talk to Gideon after visiting Moghwyn Palace)

>>> Mohg defeated <<<

Law of Causality (Talk to Gideon)

>>> Haligtree go to <<<

Black Flame Protection (Talk to Gideon)

>>> Malenia defeated <<<

Lord’s Divine Fortification (Talk to Gideon)

Castle Morne

> Recommended to clear Limgrave and Peninsula as a lot as wanted, particularly invasions. Push quests to most steps

Claymore (chest within the room close to smouldering pile)

Steel-wired torch (prime, the place combating happening)

[Quest_Irina_2] Talk to Edgar (prime of jap tower)

Stonesword key (drop on ledge after Behind The Castle checkpoint)

Twinblade talisman (prime of western tower)

Whip (Room with rats)

# Grafted Blade Greatsword

[Quest_Irina_3_Final] Return to Bridge of Sacrifice, speak to Edgar > CAN BE KILLED WITHOUT CONSEQUENCES. Otherwise will invade in Western Liurnia later.

Stormveil Castle

! Recommended clearing Limgrave and Peninsula, particularly invasions. Rest not less than as soon as at any checkpoint exterior of Limgrave and Peninsula (certainly one of teleporters or traps helps). Push quests to most steps.

Talk to Gostoc. Will be {Merchant_Gostoc} later.

Marred Leather defend (stairs to wincellar with alert guard)

Hookclaws (Wine cellar)

Curved Sword talisman (chest in room the place trapped with large knight)

Brick hammer (prime of winecellar, entry from exterior)

Stonesword key (roof parkour, tower leges and drop down into tower)

Gesture: Dozing Cross-Legged (roof parkour, evil hen)

Claw Talisman (roof parkour, up the ladder with exiles)

Marred Wooden defend (from Rampart Tower checkpoint, drop down from citadel wall the place birds with barrels)

AOW: Storm assault (bug, proceed from Marred Wooden defend)

Aspects of the Crucible: Horns (Crucible Knight)

[Quest_Rogier_2] Talk to, purchase spells (church, after birds with barrels)

Talk to Gostoc on roof above Rogier.

Highland Axe (room with grafted scion)

!Chrysalids’ Memento (similar corpse pile). Only if Roderika did not transfer to Hold.

>Crimson Hood (corpse pile close to grafted scion). Only if Roderika turned Spirit Tuner, in any other case return right here for Hood when she does.

Mimic Veil (dialogue room with knight, above grafted scion)

Stonesword key (balcony above grafted scion)

Hawk Crest Wooden defend + Misericorde + Iron Whetblade (armory close to grafted scion, north, REQUIRE stonesword key)

Pike (Main Plaza)

Wooden Greatshield (Main Plaza, aspect construction)

Godslayer’s Seal, Godskin’s Prayerbook (cellar, entrance from predominant plaza, REQUIRE Stonesword key)

> doable entry to predominant plaza proper exterior – drop down on ballista guys

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook [10] (proceed up the ladder, previous guards and one other ladder. Also could be reached from roof parkour)

Arbalest (A litte again to the plank bridge uncovered to ballistas, down from wall)

Commoner’s Simple Garb (Gateside Chamber checkpoint)

Painting “Prophecy” (Small library, entrance from Main Plaza close to smithing stone statue) > convey north of Church of Pilgrimage to the ledge => Ahses: Warhawk 

[Quest_Nepheli_4] Talk to Nepheli Loux (close to troll)

Cracked Pot x2 (carry up from Liftside Chamber checkpoint, room with residing jars)

AOW: Stormcaller (room with residing jars)

Manor Towershield (room with slaves, bounce on edge in liveing jar space and proceed)

Rancorcall (bug within the hall with rats, south from Liftside Chamber checkpoint, simply earlier than miniboss)

Golden Seed, Stonesword key, Prince of Death Pustule (miniboss space)

[Quest_Nepheli_5] summon Nepheli Loux for boss battle (most likely optionally available)

{Merchant_Gostoc} speak to him after boss battle in boss enviornment (he is kicking the pinnacle)

Shabriry Grape (proceed farther from boss enviornment)

Boltdrake Talisman (from citadel predominant gate (gateside chamber checkpoint) previous indignant cat, Limgrave tower bridge checkpoint)

> Fix Rune previous the weak giants

> test Roundtable Hold “Godrick defeated” part

Liurnia of the Lakes (east)

[Quest_Boc_4] REST at Lake Facing Cliffs bonfire, speak

[Quest_Hyetta_1] Lake Facing Cliffs bonfire, seem solely after Quest_Irina_1, speak (give Shabriry Grape if have any, in any other case return right here when you will have) => Gesture: As you want

[Quest_Thops_1] Talk + Buy Spells (Church of Irith)

Sacred Tear (Church of Irith)

Academy Scroll (Cemetery close to Church of Irith)

Glintstone Craftsman’s cookbook [1] (Camp on the street up from Church of Irith)

{Merchant_7} Liurnia Lake Shore checkpoint (Nomadic cookbook [11], Astrologer stuff, lantern, Kite defend, estoc, and many others)

Glintstone Craftsman’s cookbook [2] (Laskyar Ruins checkpoint)

> Teleporter to Academy Gates (Laskiar Ruins)

Ritual Pot (Near teleporter)

Wraith Calling Bell (Laskiar Ruins cellar)

Firemonks Prayerbook, Gesture: Fire Spur Me (camp with firemonks neear Lakeside Crystal Cave)

Flame of the Fell God (Malefactor’s Evergaol)

[Quest_Latenna_1] Talk to Latenna Albinauric (exit to shack from Lakeside Crystal Cave)

[Quest_Hyetta_2] Give second Grape (Purified Ruins)

Two Fingers Heilroom, Shabriry Grape (Purified Ruins cellar, east)

Treespear (cart on the damaged bridge, south east of Liurnia Highway South checkpoint)

Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook [3], Carian Glintblade employees (Lookout tower, north-north-west of Liurnia freeway north checkpoint)

Starlight Shard (north of Liurnia freeway north checkpoint, little to east up the hill, left aspect)

Ashes: Skeletal bandit, Deathroot (Mariner, somewhat north from Starlight shard)

Dragon Cult Prayerbook (lone knight close to Artist’s shack)

Painting: “Resurrection” (Artist’s shack) => Bring to Caria Manor, after Loretta, cemetery close to Royal Grave Evergaol

Ritual Pot, Cracked Pot x4 (Jarburg)

[Quest_Diallos_2] Talk to little jar

Lucerne (North of Liurnia freeway checkpoint in the direction of the tunnel, close to spirit military)

AOW: Frost Spear (At Night: Night Cavalry, Gatetown bridge checkpoint)

[Quest_Hyetta_3] Give Shabriri grape (Gatetown bridge checkpoint) > acquired from Edgar. If not killed, take from Endgar invader in Liurnia West.

[Quest_Hyetta_4] Talk, reload, Talk (till she decides to be Fingermaiden)

Ashes: Land Squirt (North of Gate Town Bridge checkpoint, down within the water with poison eggs, south of Eastern Liurnia Lake Shore checkpoint)

Flame, Cleanse Me (encampment north of Artist’s shack, Eastern Tableland checkpoint)

Briars of Sin (lone cultist exterior of encampment)

Gold Sewing Needle + Gold Tailoring Tools (church of vows)

{Merchant Miriel} Church of vows (advocate to dump ALL books to him)

☠ Meat Peddler Bell bearing (Church of vows at Night, invader)

Stonesword key (north of Ainsel River Well)

Spiral Horn Shield (close to mausoleum and snipers, corpse hanging from edge, north-west-west from Ruined Labyrinth checkpoint)

Stalwart Horn Charm (from Mausoleum Compound, up the hill north, then instantly southwest, across the rock, inside rock window)

AOW: Giant Hunt + Night Rider Glaive (At Night: Night Cavalry, East Raya Lucaria Gate checkpoint)

[Quest_Boc_5] Talk (East Raya Lucaria Gate)

Sacred Tear (Bellum Church)

{Merchant_9} North of Bellum Church => Nomadic Cookbook [13], Rift Shield, Bewitching Branch x5, and many others

Great Mace (Camp with ballistas down the street from Grand Lift)

Howl of Shabriri (Frenzy-Flaming Tower)

Frenzied Cookbook [1] (Frenzy village)

Shabriri’s woe (Frenzy village)

Note: To Lord of Frenzied Flame (Frenzy village)

Frenzied Burst (bug up north from Frenzied village)

Stonesword key (on western wall of village)

* Fingerprint Grape + Vyke’s War Spear (invader Vyke, earlier than Church of Inhibition)

Sacred Tear, Finger Maiden set (Church of Inhibition)

[Quest_Hyetta_5] Church of bellum, give her Fingerprint grape

# Magic/Light/Holy shrouding crystal tear (Tree Avatar) !Mind end invader earlier than, unknown if might be blocked

[[Stillwater Cave]]

– Sage set

– #Winged Sword Insignia

[[Lakeside Crystal Cave]]

– Spear Talisman

– #Cerulean Amber Medallion

[[Cliffbottom catacombs]]

– Nox Mirrorhelm (require Stonesword key)

– Scythe

– Voice “Wonderful”

– Ashes: Paige

– #Ashes: Kyden Sellsword

[[Black Knife catacombs]]

– Rosus Axe (Require Stonesword key)

– #Assassin’s Cerulean Dagger + Black knifeprint (hidden boss behind hidden wall) > can progress Quest_Rogier_4

– #Ashes: Twinsage Sorcerer 

– Deathroot

[[Ruya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel]]

– Crystal Knife

– Shatter Earth

– #Smithing Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [1]

[[Carian Study Hall]]

– Carian Glintstone employees (Carian Study Hall, throughout Preceptor Miriam chase)

– Magic Downpour (Preceptor Miriam)

– Cerulean Seed Talisman (Study Hall rafters)

[[Carian Study Hall Upside Down: Requre Quest_Ranni_9]]

– Mask of Confidence (area of interest earlier than Preceptor)

– Lucidity (Preceptor)

– Godskin Noble Set (godskin on the way in which to Divine Tower of Liurnia)

– [Quest_Ranni_11][Quest_Fia_7] Stargazer Heilroom + Cursemark of Death

Liurnia of the Lakes (central)

> beginning at Laskyar Ruins checkpoint

[Quest_Rya_1] Agree to assist her discover medallion (She is in small tower close to telescope, north-west of Laskyar Ruins checkpoint)

[Quest_Diallos_3] Talk to him, Academy Gate Town, on a roof on sunken home, griefing (north, not removed from Academy Gate Town checkpoint)

Glintstone Craftsman’s Cookbook [4] (one of many sunken tower with Albinaurics)

Golden Seed (Middle of sunken Academy Gate Town)

AOW: Charge Forth (bug hanging below bridge with finger reader crone, west of Golden Seed)

Stonesword key (one of many sunken tower, west of South Raya Lucaria Gate; want Torrent to get)

> Teleporter to Northern Liurnia Shore checkpoint + Map Liurnia West (Little tower east of Academy)

Ancient Death Rancor (At Night: Death Rite Bird, Between Academy and Teleporter)

[Quest_Patches_3] Talk (Scenic Isle checkpoint, west of telescope)

Red Feathered BranchSword (At Night: Deathbird, smash north of Scenic Isle checkpoint)

Dexterity-Knot Crystal Tear (north west from Scenic Isle checkpoint, isle with albinaurics)

[Quest_Rya_2][Quest_DungEater_1] Buy-out medallion, then speak, purchase shrimps (Boilprawn shack checkpoint, north-north-west of Scenic Isle checkpoint) => Gesture: Spreadout

[Quest_Rya_3] Hand over medallion => Volcano Manor Ivitation

Larval Tear (South of Fallen Ruins of the Lake checkpoint, north west from Scenic Isle checkpoint, small tower with three sleeping shrimps and one awake. Kill awake one, it’s going to flip into Grafted Scion)

Nomadic Warrior Cookbook [12] (Rose church, west of Fallen Ruins of the Lake checkpoint)

[Quest_Varre_3] (!!BEFORE TALKING, ensure you visited First Step checkpoint the place he was earlier than to acquire Gesture: Bravo) Talk (Rose church)

[Quest_Varre_4] Invade 3 occasions

[Quest_Varre_5] Talk => Lord of Blood’s Favor. Go to Church of Inhibition, soak blood of useless maiden (Alternatively => Four Bellfries: Precipice of Anticipation, there’s additionally corpse of a maiden)

[Quest_Varre_6] Give soaked Lord’s of Blood Favor => Bloody Finger + Pureblood Knight’s Medal

Bloodflame blade (bug north-west of Rose Church)

Icerind Hatchet (Temple Quarter chest)

Dragon’s Heart (Glintstone Dragon Smarag, west of Academy)

Glintstone Academy Key (corpse the place Smarag slept)

AOW: Shield bash (teleporting bug close to East Gate Bridge Trestle checkpoint, below the bridge)

Memory Stone (Testu’s Rise, 3 turtles, one somewhat north of entrance, one other on the tree, final one under southeastern aspect)

Blue-white picket defend (west aspect in the direction of South Raya Lucaria Gate checkpoint)???

[[Academy Crystal Cave: Require Stonesword key]]

– Stonesword key

– Crystal Staff (behind hidden wall)

– #Crystal Release

– Terra Magika (carry after bosses)

Liurnia of the Lakes (west)

> Starting at Northern Liurnia Lake Shore checkpoint

Carian Knight Sword (Caravan, south of Northern Liurnia Lake Shore checkpoint)

Imbued Sword Key (Up the hill after the camp, Four Bellfries checkpoint) => ! Teleport zones marked as dungeons, see under. Access subsequent upon acquiring one other Imbued Sword Key

Jellyfish defend (West of Four Bellfries, damaged cart with 4 purple jellyfish)

Greatblade Phalanx (Cookoo Evergaol, south of Four Bellfries)

* Shabriri Grape + Banished Knight Halberd (south from Four Bellfries, Revenger Shack, if you happen to did not kill him on Bridge of Sacrifice at Quest_Irina_3_Final)

> Go to level of Quest_Hyetta_4 if did not do it earlier than

AOW: Sworddance (path in the direction of Road’s End Catacombs)

!# Cerulean Crystal Tear + Raptured Crystal Tear (Tree Avatar) !Can spoil invasions, you should definitely end Edgar if wanted

AOW: Vow of the Indominable (bug in crab space, south from Folly of the Lake checkpoint)

[Quest_Nepheli_7] Talk to Nepheli Loux (as much as Albinauric Village from poison swamp)

Larval Tear (Albinaurics Village, at first)

Crystal Sword (Albinaurics Village checkpoint, picket bridge to the north, corpse on ledge)

[Quest_Latenna_2] Talk to Albus till useless (Albinaurics Village checkpoint, east up previous perfumer, he hides as jar) => Secret Talisman

Ivory Sickle (Behind coffin, proper subsequent to Albus)

!# Crucible Knot Talisman (Omenkiller in Albinaurics Village) !unknown if spoil invasions of the world

[Quest_Latenna_3] Return to Latenna at Slumbering Wolf’s shack, speak till obtain Ashes: Latenna

> test Roundtable Hold after finishing village

Frozen Needle (Kingsrealm ruins cellar, north of Northern Liurnia Lake Shore checkpoint)

[Quest_Blaidd_3][Quest_Ranni_2] Talk to Iji (Road to Manor checkpoint)

Intelligence-Knot Crystal Tear (Valley proper of street from Iji to Manor, palms guarding it)

AOW: Hoarfrost stomp (Invisible bug, Lake southeast of Carian Manor)

Golden Seed (Up the canyon from Bellum Church/Merchant_9)

AOW: Barbaric Roar (prime finish of canyon, method to Ruin-strewn precipice)

[[Four Bellfries: Precipice of Anticipation]]

– #Ornamental Straight Sword + Golden Beast Crest Shield (Grafted Scion)

– [Quest_Nepheli_10] The Stormhawk King

– Ashes: Stormhawk Deenh

[[Four Bellfries: Night sky unceasing]

– Mottled Necklace

[[Four Bellfries: Crumbling Lands]]

– Pearldrake Talisman

[[Road’s End Catacombs (full of hidden walls)]]

– Watchdog’s employees (hidden wall)

– Ashes: Raya Lucaria Soldiers

– #Ashes: Glintstone Sorcerer

[[Ruin-strewn precipice]]

– Serpent-God’s Curved sword (mama octopus and youngsters)

!summon Great Horned Tragoth earlier than boss => Gesture: Casual Greeting

– #Magma Wyrm Scalesword

> Going out activate Mt.Gelmir and Radahn competition

Raya Lucaria Academy

> ranging from south gate

{Merchant_10} East from Main Academy Gate checkpoint => Lost Ash of War, Ashes: Fanged Imp, Stonesword key x3, Blue set, Fevor’s cookbook [2], and many others

Celestial Dew (useless finish close to Merchant_10, guarded by bloodhound)

Golden Seed (North from Main Academy Gate checkpoint, finish of bridge)

[Quest_Yura_3] South of Main Academy Gate checkpoint, purple signal, proper between golden seed and checkpoint => AOW: Raptor of the mists

[Quest_Yura_4] Talk to him close to summon signal

Ashes: Marionette Soldier (after Church of Cuckoo checkpoint, earlier than picket bridge, bounce all the way down to the ledge to the proper and proceed)

Carian Set (after the bridge, all the way down to the proper the place 3 zombies praying)

AOW: Spectral Lance (earlier than entrance to constructing, all the way down to the left, bug)

Gravity Well (skinny man close to monument, previous statement wheel)

Longtail cat talisman (down on statement wheel, behind Abductor)

Lost Ash of War (previous the Abductor, bounce on the ledge, close to crypt)

> being killed INSIDE Abductor cat transport you to Mt. Gelmir to Subterranian Inquisition chamber

Conspectus Scroll, Glintstone Craftsman’s cookbook [5] (Schoolhouse classroom checkpoint, hall to the left from mages)

Olivinus Glintstone Crown (hidden wall in room with Conspectus Scroll, bounce down left from balcony)

Ritual Pot (room with wizards and jar)

Comet, Stonesword key (hidden path to the left, earlier than ginger wolf boss)

Graven School talisman (discover hidden room additional, close to little jars)

Memory Stone (ginger boss)

Radagon Icon (instantly to the proper out of Debate Parlor checkpoint, up the ladder)

Stonesword key (out of Debate Parlor checkpoint, fountain on plaza)

Golden seed (similar plaza)

Karolos Glintstone Crown (south-west of Golden seed, on the finish crystal crab cover in bushes)

Cracked Pot (balcony above boss room)

Glintstone whetblade (western a part of plaza, in a small room)

Fullmoon Crossbow (loopy bounce from roof after bridge with wizard and robots, and continued parkour this time south alongside robots, then up the ladder)

Lazuli Glintstone Crown (loopy bounce from roof after bridge with wizard and robots, and continued parkour north, bounce down damaged flooring in tower, crystal crab on certainly one of MIDDLE flooring)

Imbued Stonesword key (proceed parkour on roofs, earlier than bounce on chapel roof; OR if dropped from Crown above, climb up the ladder and go east earlier than leaping on chapel roof)

Academy Glintstone Key (after Imbued Sword key, proceed to chapel roof, from rafters down on chandelier)

Shattering Crystal (second flooring of this chapel)

Azur’s Glintstone employees (from second flooring hall to east with firearrow paige)

Twinsage Glintstone Crown (similar aspect, subsequent hall, crystal crab behind scaffolding)

[Quest_Thops_2] Give him Academy Glintstone key => Gesture: Erudition

> Open Converted tower (Rise, close to Minor Erdtree, Liurnia west), use Erudition gesture => Memory Stone

> Open Converted Fringe tower (Rise, close to Minor Erdtree, Liurnia north-east), use Erudition gesture + any Glintstone Crown => Cannon of Haima, Gavel of Haima

[Quest_Thops_3_Final] Back frorm Schoolhouse classroom checkpoint, across the wall => Thops bell bearing + Academy Glintstone Staff + AOW: Thops’s barrier (bug, again in Church of Irith the place Thops was)

> Teleporter to Church of Vows (room previous rolling ball)

Carian Knight Shield (Moongrum guard, previous the rolling ball)

Glintstone Scarab (south from Moongrum to space with two shortcuts, bounce over the ledge to the east, up the ladder, room with Pumpkinhead)

! # Finish all invasions in Liurnia in the event that they not. And pump quests to maximim, simply in case.

> test Roundtable Hold “Renalla defeated” part

> Gesture: Balled Up (after any rebirth)

Caria Manor

Glintstone Craftsman’s cookbook [6] (east of entrance, in a room)

Carian Piercer (bug, proper aspect of entrance, across the construction)

Sword of Night and Flame (from Manor Lower Level checkpoint, previous ghosts, left path, bounce down the bridge, and down the ladder)

Urumi (Before Upper Manor Level checkpoint, bounce over bridge jap aspect, then south approach)

Golden Seed (previous Upper Manor Level checkpoint)

Troll knight’s sword (Troll, onerous to overlook)

Cracked pot (Before boss door, to the left, down the sting, down the scaffolding)

AOW: Carian Grandeur (much more down)

# Loretta’s Greatbow, AOW: Loretta’s Slash

Frozen Armament (bug on the street, from Royal Moongazing Grounds checkpoint, to the left, and east)

Albinauric Ashes (cemetery, south from Behind Carian Manor checkpoint)

> Juvenile Schooler set + Larval Tear (droppoint for “Resurrection” portray, proper subsequent to Albinauric Ashes)

Meteorite (Royal Grave Evergaol)

AOW: Chilling Mist (from Royal Moongazing Grounds checkpoint, to the proper, ruins)

{Merchant_Pidia} South from Chilling Mist, down, then down the ladder => Larval Tear, AOW: Carian Retaliation, Celestial Dew, Ritual Pot, Black Leather defend, Ripple Blade, Glintstone Craftsman’s cookbook [7], and many others

>Talking to Ranni will begin Radahn Festival

!Progress Rogier’s quest to Quest_Rogier_5 earlier than speaking to Ranni

[Quest_Ranni_3] Talk to Ranni till she says to piss off for poking your nostril round

[Quest_Ranni_4][Quest_Rogier_6] Talk to Rogier at Hold (he recommend enter to Ranni’s service)

[Quest_Ranni_5] Talk to Ranni (pledge to her)

[Quest_Ranni_6][Quest_Blaidd_4][Quest_Seluvis_1] Talk to Blaidd, Iji and Seluvis

[Quest_Ranni_7] Talk to Ranni (she is goint to sleep)

[Quest_Seluvis_2] Talk to Seluvis, settle for process and obtain potion

Memory Stone (prime of Seluvis Rise)

Black Wolf Mask (on the wall round Seluvis Rise)

[Quest_Seluvis_3] Give potion to Gideon at Hold (different choices to make puppets from Nepheli or Dung-eater not price it and blocks their respective quests)

[Quest_Blaidd_5] Talk to Blaidd at Siofra River, south-east from Siofra River Bank checkpoint, close to spiritspring

[Quest_Seluvis_4] Talk to Seluvis, purchase ALL accessible puppets/spells, obtain introduction to Sellen

[Quest_Sellen_3] Talk to Sellen (she tells about Radahn)

[Quest_Seluvis_5] Ask for one more puppet, purchase the final one (require starlight shards)

[Quest_Seluvis_6] Ask him about scheme in opposition to Ranni. Agree to acquire Starlight Shard (Altus Plateau)

> after Altus plateau

[Quest_Seluvis_8] Give Seluvis Amber Starlight => Magic Scorpion Charm

[Quest_Seluvis_9] Talk to Seluvis, obtain Amber Draught

[Quest_Seluvis_10] Administer Amber Draught to Ranni

[Quest_Seluvis_11_Final] Return to Seluvis physique => Preceptor’s Set + Seluvis’s Bell Bearing

> at this level if you happen to attain Quest_Seluvis_10, Ranni might be pissed at you => Church of Vows + Celestial Dew = Absolution

>after discovering Fingerslayer blade in Nokron (test Quest_Ranni) 

! earlier than giving Fingerslayer Blade to Ranni, it is really helpful to complete Quest_Seluvis_11_Final or it will likely be blocked!

[Quest_Ranni_9] Give Ranni Fingerslayer Blade => Carian Inverted Statue

Snow Witch Set (Renna’s Rise)

>Teleporter to Ainsel River Main

[Quest_Ranni_10][Quest_Blaidd_9] Talk to Iji at Road to the Manor checkpoint about Ranni’s voyage and Blaidd’s imprisonment. Buy => Carian Filigreed Crest talisman

> at this level do not forget to go to Carian Study Hall to progress Quest_Ranni

Ainsel River

Celestial Dew (down the tunnel, left path from carrion, previous nest with queen, bounce on a bar) > return again up the carry for checkpoint

> after carry, from room with dozens of clayman, take inconspicuos tunnel to the left of predominant approach, then up the fallen column, to get to moth.

Map (under moth)

{Merchant_11} Below moth, map => Lost ash of War, Celestial Dew, Perfumer’s cookbook [4], Nomadic Warrior’s cookbook [16], Prisoner’s set, some gravity stones

Immunising Horn Charm (From Ainsel River Downstream checkpoint, cave with carrion and ants)

# Frozen Lightning Spear

Great Ghost Glovewort

Siofra River

Oracle Bubbles (bug on a pillar, could be shot or accessed by leaping on ruins wall)

Armorer’s cookbook [6] (Siofra River Bank checkpoint, north and instantly left and again, the place two tribesman collect berries)

Teleporter1 -> to Teleporter3 (earlier than boss stairs)

Map (close to boss stairs)

Horn Bow (under boss stairs)

Inverted Hawk Heater Shield (from boss stairs, south-west, up the hill)

{Merchant_12} North, up the scaffolding => Larval Tear, Stonesword key x3, Nomadic Warrior’s cookbook [17][18], Shotel, and many others

Stonesword key (from checkpoint to the east, left of boss stairs, spiritspring, proceed to the useless finish)

Teleporter2 -> to secret space (up ruins, the place snipers camp)

Teleporter3 -> to Teleporter1 (north of Worshipers Woods checkpoint)

AOW: Square Off (bug on the sting, northwest from Worshipers Woods checkpoint)

Clarifying Horn Charm (up from Below The Well checkpoint)

> activate carry (requre 2 Stonesword Keys) and Deep Siofra Well checkpoint above for later

> subsequent two objects could be obtained upon return from secret space

Golden Seed (path between Worshipers Woods checkpoint and Below the Well checkpoint, to the west)

Stonesword Key (south from Golden Seed, second bridge help pillar, round)

Great Oracle bubble (bug in secret space, south-west to archway with dozens of clayman)

# Dragon Halberd (secret space)

Marika’s Scarseal (close to waterfall previous boss)

#Ashes: Ansestral Follower

Caelid (west)

> ranging from rotview balcony

!# Green-burst Crystal Tear + Fire-shrouding cracked tear (Erdtree Avatar, north) !unknown if spoil Millicent invasion, most likely not, although she would not give something anyway…

Cracked Pot (department north of Erdtree Avatar)

Whirl, O Flame (bug, from balcony, east, close to canines consuming caravan)

Greatsword (caravan truck)

Visage Shield (Caelem Ruins cellar)

St. Trina Sword (Forsaken Ruins cellar, west of Caelem Ruins, under balcony) > Require Stonesword key

AOW: Flame of the Redmanes (invisible bug, south of Forsaken Ruins, fort Gael North checkpoint)

Flame Grant Me Strength (behind Fort Gael)

Starscourge Hailroom (prime of Fort Gael)

AOW: Lion’s claw (Lion in Fort Gael)

Katar (room in Fort Gael)

>Teleporter -> Impassable Bridge

AOW: Lifesteal Fist (bug close to Astray from Calid Highway North checkpoint, south of Smouldering Wall checkpoint (which is close to telescope), down the street)

{Merchant_13} East of Astray from Calid Highway North => Consumables

Meteoric Ore Blade (Caelid Waypoint Ruins cellar, south-west of Astray from Calid Highway North checkpoint)

[[Gael Tunnel]]

– [Quest_Alexander_2] Talk to Alexander

– Cross-Naginata

– #Moonveil + Dragonheart

[[Minor Erdtree Catacombs]]

– Imp Head (Wolf)

– #Ashes: Mad Pumpkinhead

[[Abandoned Cave]]

– Serpent Bow

– Venomous Fang

– #Gold Scarab

[[Gaol Cave: Require 2 Stonesword keys]]

– Pillory Shield

– Wakizashi

– Stonesword key

– #Ashes: Putrid corpse

– Regalia of Eochaid

Caelid (heart)

> persevering with from Caelid Waypoint Ruins down the street

Starlight Shard (south-west from Caelid Highway South checkpoint)

Larval Tear (one swordweilding zombie close to tombs turns into troll, south of Caelid Highway South checkpoint)

Ancient Dragon Apostle Cookbook [1] (Cathedral of Dragon Communion, south-east from Caelid Highway South checkpoint)

Dragon Heart (Dragon, north of Cathedral)

{Merchant_8} Near map fragment => Stonesword key, Pot, Champion set, Nomadic Warrior Cookbook [15]

Golden Seed (street to the south from Merchant_8)

AOW: Poison Moth Flight (At Night: Night Cavalry, south of map fragment, near Golden Seed)

Death Poker (At Night: Death Rite Bird, east of Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank checkpoint, throughout the street)

Windy Crystal Tear (north-east of Sacred Seed, south of Southern Aeonia Swamp Bank checkpoint, in a deepening)

Arrow’s Sting talisman (siege tower close to Impassable Bridge)

AOW: Crag blade (bug on a hill, west of siege tower, close to historical past swords)

[Quest_Millicent_1] Talk to Gowry (shack south of Sellia Town)

Stonesword key (Sellia Town, on prime of the arch)

AOW: Double Slash (bug on prime of massive department of Sellia Town)

Cerulean Tear Scarab (on the roof of the home)

Spelldrake Talisman +1 (behind forcefield door)

Imbued Sword Key (behind one other forcefield door)

Night Comet (behind third forcefield door)

“Redmane” Painting (predominant avenue, below balcony of a home) => convey to a shore after difficult bounce down close to Erdtree in Dragonbarrow

Golden Seed (close to second gate)

Staff of Loss (on a balcony of 1 home, hanging corpse)

Sacred Tear (Church of the Plague, up up the hill from Sellia Backstreets checkpoint)

[Quest_Millicent_2] Talk to Millicent

Starlight shard (east of Church of the Plague)

> hidden path to Sellia Hideaway (up the hill, behind battlemage)

stonesword key (north of battlemage, spiritspring)

Eternal Darkness (from Church of the Plague, south, throughout Sellia Gatewau, within the tower close to bloodhound)

# Nox Flowing Sword (boss close to Sellia Backstreets checkpoint)

Lusat’s Glintstone Staff (chest behind bosses)

Ashes: Rotten Stray (north of Sellia Understair checkpoint, close to citadel wall)

Poison Armament (invisible bug close to Sellia Crystal tunnel)

Rock Sling (Street of Sages ruins cellar)

Traveller’s set + Perfume bottle (Street of Sages ruins)

Meteorite Staff ((Street of Sages ruins)

AOW: Poisonous mist (teleporting bug, heart of the swamp)

* Invader Millicent (heart of the swamp)

Commander’s Standard + Unalloyed Golden Needle (Commander O’Neil at Heart of Aeonia checkpoint)

AOW: Sacred Ring of Light (exploding bug, East of Heart of Aeonia checkpoint)

[Quest_Millicent_3] Give Gowry unalloyed needle

[Quest_Millicent_4] Return to Gowry for repaired needle

[Quest_Millicent_5] Pin Millicent in Church of Plague

[Quest_Millicent_6] Talk to Gowry in his shack, purchase spells

[Quest_Millicent_7] Talk to Millicent (she have to be awakened) in Church of Plague => Prosthesis-wearer Heilroom

[Quest_Millicent_8] Talk to Millicent in Gowry’s Shack

[[Caelid Catacombs]]

– Ashes: Miranda Sprout

– #Ashes: Kindred of Rot

[[Sellia Crystal tunnel]]

– Rock Blaster

– Faithful’s canvas talisman

– #Somberstone Miner’s bell bearing

[[Sellia Hideaway]]

> really helpful to do as a part of Sellen quest, to not go 2nd time

– Stars of Ruin (a part of Quest_Sellen_6 quest, require Quest_Sellen_5)

– Lost Ashes of War (revenant)

– Crystal Spear (behind hidden wall, cave with numerous enormous crystal minerals)

– Ashes: Crystalian (room with 3 mages, entry from mineral cave above)

– #Crystal Torrent

Caelid (north aka dragonbarrow)

> ranging from Caelem Ruins checkpoint, in the direction of Grayol’s Dragonbarrow space

{Merchant_14} Isolated Merchant’s shack checkpoint (north from Dragonbarrow checkpoint, then west) => Beast Repellent torch, Lost Ashes of War x2, Ritual Pot, Spiked Caestus, Samurai Set, and many others

AOW: Sky Shot (bug close to Merchant_14)

☠ Gravity Stone Peddler’s bell bearing (At Night: Bell bearing hunter close to Merchant_14)

Ashes: Battlemage Hugues (Sellia Evergaol, far south from Dragonbarrow West checkpoint, on the finish of smouldering wall) 

Memory Stone (Lenne’s Rise, bounce on a balcony from torrent)

AOW: Bloodhound step (At Night: Night Cavalry, Lenne’s Rise checkpoint, bridge)

Golden Seed (close to Beastial Sanctum)

Starlight shard (South East from Beastial Sanctum)

> Give Deathroots to Gurranq

Cinquedea (west of Beastial Sanctum, difficult bounce down on a department, then down construction 3 tales, finish of northeastern aspect)

Dragoncrest Shield talisman (similar stage the place Cinquedea is)

☠ #Gargoyle’s Blackblade + Gargoyle Black Halbert (Black Blade Kindred gargoyle)

Dragon Heart (Dragon on the bridge, Farum Greatbridge checkpoint)

Beastial Constitution (bug, under bridge with dragon, west aspect)

# Stonebarb Cracked Tear + Opaline Hardtear (Erdtree Avatar)

AOW: Rain of Arrows => “Redmane” portray droppoint (straight south from Erdtree, behind the pot, difficult bounce down on a department, the place mage big sleeps)

Dragon Heart x5 (wounded mama dragon close to Fort Faroth)

Dectus Medallion – proper (Fort Faroth)

Radagon Soreseal (Fort Faroth, down inside from roof, after rats)

>entry from Siofra River

Stonesword Key (close to bear, Siofra River Well checkpoint)

Spiked Paliside Shield (below first big archer)

Great Jar’s Arsenal talisman (after defeating 3 duelists)

[[Divine Tower of Caelid]]

– Stonesword key (Divine Tower of Caelid ledge, proper ladder, south-south-jap aspect)

– ☠ #Godskin Apostle Set (Divine Tower boss)

– Godslayer’s Greatsword (chest behind boss)

[[☠ Dragonbarrow Cave]]

– Bull-goat’s talisman

– Flamedrake talisman +2

Redmane Castle (regular)

AOW: Flaming Strike (cemetery close to backdoor)

Armorer’s cookbook [5] (room the place you open backdoor shortcut)

Armorer’s cookbook [4] (room to the left of gate, at plaza with two lions)

Flamberge (prime stage with pumpkinhead, entry from room earlier than firecannon blockade, up the ladder)

Red-hot whetblade (2nd stage, room proper aspect of gate)

#Ruins Greatsword

[Quest_Sellen_2] Talk to Jerren

Redmane Castle (competition)

Talk to Fingermaiden => Gesture: Polite Bow

[Quest_Blaidd_6] Talk to Blaidd

[Quest_Alexander_3] Talk to Alexander

Talk to Jerren => Gesture: Heartening Cry

#Summon not less than Blaidd and Alexander

[Quest_Blaidd_7] Talk to Blaidd

[Quest_Alexander_4] Talk to Alexander

[Quest_Blaidd_8] Save Blaidd from Forlorn Hound Evergaol

[Quest_Alexander_5] Help Alexander in Jarburg (want oil pot, could be crafted with Nomadic Warrior’s cookbook [17]) !if alredy visited Mt. Gelmir, this step is skipped to Quest_Alexander_6wwww

[Quest_Diallos_5][Quest_Alexander_6] Talk to little jar to the purpose “I want to be like Alexander”. Reload space if essential.

> test Roundtable Hold “Radahn defeated” part

[[☠ War-dead catacombs]]

– Collapsing Stars (scarlet rot basement)

– Ashes: Radahn Soldier (room with rotten knight)

– #Ashes: Redmane Knight Ogha

Nokron Eternal City

> accessible after defeating Radahn

Ghostflame Torch (on the begining, difficult bounce from skinny ramp, you’ll be able to see merchandise on the roof)

Ghost Glovewort Picker’s Bell bearing [1] (gazebo, heart of plaza)

Larval Tear (construction south of heart plaza, with zig-heist aliens on the roof)

Ashes: Greatshield Soldiers (south-east from heart)

Larval Tear (subsequent space, gazebo with ambush slimes below ceiling)

# Larval Tear + Silver Tear Mask

Clarifying Horn Charm+1, Celestial Dew (folowing north path from Mimic boss, drop down and proceed, above Merchant_12 as a landmark)

Celestial Dew (south parkour on Ancestral Woods checkpoint, on the ledge of western constructing, BEFORE encounter with bare mimics)

Black Whetblade (cathedral following the roof path)

Ashes: Mimic Tear (cathedral following the roof path, require Stonesword Key)

Nox Flowing Hammer (In the hall to Mimic Tear bounce into south window, bounce throughout and as much as damaged window)

Larval Tear (first flooring of that cathedral, kill metal ball)

Celestial Dew (space with numerous mimics, close to Night’s Sacred Ground checkpoint)

![Quest_Ranni_8] Fingerslayer Blade + Great Grave Glovewort (chest north from Night’s Sacred Ground checkpoint)

> Teleporter to Ansestral Woods checkpoint

Shining Horned Headband (north-east of Ancestral Woods checkpoint, singing shaman on the crowded heart close to useless deer)

AOW: Enchanted shot (bug, straight north from Ancestral Woods checkpoint, the place two shamans and lot’s of rats listening to tune)

Ancestral Infant’s head (West from Enchanted Shot AOW, within the chest behind shaman)

Mottled Necklace (north-east from Ancestral Woods checkpoint, path by way of jellyfish, on prime of ruins)

# Regal Ancestor

Crucible Hornshield (Crucible Knight, down from Aqueduct Facing Cliff checkpoint)

Missionary’s cookbook [5] (behind Crucible Knight)

Order Healing (bug in gazebo, behind Spear Crucible Knight)

Gesture: Inner Order (speak to depressed D’s brother in aqueducts)

[Quest_D_6] Give him D’s Twinned armor

> D could be summoned for boss battle if alive

#Gargoyle Greatsword + Gargoyle Twinblade


> This half accessible solely by way of Quest_Ranni_9

Miniature Ranni (in the beginning, proper earlier than Ainsel River Main checkpoint)

[Quest_Ranni_12] Talk to Miniature Ranni few occasions sitting at Ainsel River Main checkpoint

Stonesword key (south from predominant space, close to loopy flower)

Ashes: Claymen (additional south, close to waterfall, hidden in bushes)

Wing of Astel (after descending down the stream, go into cave with 2 ants and one heavy ant, proceed path to the chest on prime of archway)

Ant Skull Plate (west from Nokstella Eternal City checkpoint, up the steps and left, chest within the room)

Ashes: Archer (additional up the steps, round constructing to the left)

Ghost-Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing [2] (inside chest in that constructing, guarded by shielded blobs)

Ashes: Nightmaiden & Swordstress puppets (additional up the steps, earlier than bridge, across the constructing, inside, in a chest. Require Stonesword Key)

Larval Tear (steel ball on the bridge)

Larval Tear (abross the bridge, constructing to the proper, sneaky steel ball below the ceiling)

Great Ghost Glovewort (chest inside constructing with sneaky steel ball)

Larval Tear (one other sneaky ball below ceiling, additional up the steps, chapel with numerous unstable blobs)

Moon of Nokstella (proceed to the highest of the steps to nice chapel with priest and two mimics)

Golden Seed (from nice chapel take the carry down subsequent, proper after exit)

Stonesword Key (north of carry, drop down on the ledge)

Celestial Dew (west gazebo from carry to Nokstella Waterfall Basin checkpoint)

Celestial Dew (center of the river, north-north-east from Nokstella Eternal City checkpoint, close to wall, guarded by 3 snails)

[Quest_Ranni_13] Discarded Palace Key (Baleful Shadow, after Nokstella Waterfall Basin)

[Quest_Ranni_14] Go to Raya Lucaria Grand Library checkpoint in Academy and use key on locked-earlier than chest => Darkmoon ring

Lake of Rot

> it is really helpful to fetch Mushroom Set (Seethewater Cave dungeon at Mt. Gelmir, north from Seethewater River checkpoint, which is close to Abductor Virgin checkpoint in Subterranian Inquisition Chamber, accessed from Raya Lucaria Academy being eaten by Abductor), Spiral Horn Shield and craft Preserving Boluses (or use “Flame, Cleanse Me” and “Two Fingers Heilroom” if wanted)

Map simply close to checkpoint

Immunising Horn Charm+1 (south from checkpoint, horned man) > recommend to put on instantly

Mushroom Crown (south-east half, on prime of ruins with basiliscs) > recommend to put on instantly additionally

Alabaster Lord’s sword (on prime of ruins, risen by activation of two obelisks in south-central half that rises southern a part of ruins)

Nomadic Warrior’s cookbook [22] (most south-western a part of the lake from checkpoint, within the chest)

#Dragonscale Blade (within the heart)

Golden Seed (Putrid Tree Spirit, proper under Grand Cloister checkpoint)

Scorpion Stinger (room guarded by centipeds)

#[Quest_Ranni_15] Go up the carry behind Astel utilizing Darkmoon ring

Moonlight altar

> accessible solely after Quest_Ranni_15

Adula’s Moonblade + Dragon Heart (Dragon Adula north-east from Moonlight Altar checkpoint)

Starlight shards x10 (Cathedral of Manus Celes)

[Quest_Ranni_16_Final] Drop down the opening in Cathedral of Manus Celes and put ring on Ranni, speak => Darkmoon Greatsword

Dragon Heart x3 (3 dragons west of Cathedral and Moonfolk ruins)

Ashes: Black Knife Tiche (Ringleader’s Evergaol, far north-west cliff from Moonlight Altar checkpoint)

Ranni’s Dark Moon (Chelona’s Rise. Kill three ghost turtles to enter, one on a western cliff, second one on a cliff far to the east, south-south-east of cathedral, third on is up spiritspring close to evergaol north-west of Moonlight Altar checkpoint)

[Quest_Blaidd_10_Final] Meet Blaidd close to Ranni’s Rise => Royal Greatsword + Blaidd’s set

Go to Merchant_Pidia => Pidia’s Bell bearing + Ashes: Dolores the Sleeping Arrow Puppet

Talk to Iji at Road to the Manor checkpoint, then reload => Iji’s Bell bearing + Iji’s Mirrorhelm

Deeproot Depths

Staff of the Avatar (Erdtree)

AOW: Golden Land (bug with two heavy ants, behind Erdtree)

Elden Stars (cave with tons of ants, north-west of checkpoint, up the branches)

Map Fragment (gazebo behind sitting gargoyle, previous Deeproot Depths checkpoint)

Prince of Death’s cyst (bear in a cave behind waterfall, jap wall, could be additionally accessed from gap on prime)

AOW: Vacuum Slice (north-east from map fragment, chapel, behind gargoyle)

Stonesword Key (tower proper in entrance of Crucible Knight, accessed by spiritspring)

Siluria’s Tree (Crucible Knight, west)

Crucible Knight’s set (chest behind Crucible Knight)

Ashes: Mausoleum Soldier ashes (north from mausoleum, on the sting)

Prince of Death’s employees (northern tower of the group, previous sitting gargoyle, north-east of The Nameless Eternal City checkpoint, entry by branches)

#Fia’s Mist (Fia’s champions, Across the Roots checkpoint)

> Teleporter to Capital (East Capital Rampart checkpoint)

![Quest_Fia_8] Talk to Fia, !say you simply need to hug!, give Cursemark, speak till she needs you turn into Elden Lord

[Quest_Fia_9] reload/return, speak (she says ‘goodbuy’)

#[Quest_Fia_10] reload/return, contact Fia, enter dream

[Quest_Fia_11] Pick up Mendin Rune of Death Prince (test Roundtable Hold “Fia completed” part)

[Quest_D_7][Quest_Fia_12_Final] Reload, speak to D, choose up => Fia’s set

[Quest_D_8_Final] Reload, choose => Inseparable Sword, Twinned Set (again)

Altus Plateau

> Any checkpoint triggers Radahn competition

> test “Altus Plateau visit” block in Roundtable Hold

[Quest_Rya_4/a] Talk after exiting the carry (she is on the left aspect of stairs) > she’ll teleport you to Volcano Manor, helpful to activate checkpoint for later and seize map close by !if she’s not there, see Quest_Rya_4/b

Stonesword Key (little camp west of carry, close to the street to the proper)

AOW: Shared Order (at night time, Night Cavalry close to Altus Highway Junction checkpoint)

AOW: Earthshaker (hidden bug, crawling underground, straight south from Altus Highway Junction checkpoint, could be seen by elevating mud)

[Quest_Boc_6] Near Altus Highway Junction checkpoint, speak, give Golden Needle, permit him to name you Lord => Gesture: My lord

Godfrey Icon (Golden Lineage Evergaol, east of Lift, however under, within the valley; Require Stonesword key)

Troll’s Golden Sword (in a cart, camp with arbalests, west of Altus Highway Junction)

Greatshield Talisman (one other cart in camp)

Golden Seed (north of Altus Highway Junction checkpoint)

Perfume Bottle (close to Golden Seed, north-west from Altus Highway Junction checkpoint, north-west from camp)

>space is very related to Mt. Gelmir, so thoughts the intersections if you happen to wander west

AOW: Blood Blade (bug in a pond, north of the camp)

[Quest_Seluvis_7] Amber Starlight (darkish valley north-east of Altus Highway Junction checkpoint, entrance from south, on the begining of the primary stairs)

[Quest_Corhyn_4] Talk to him about Golden Mask close to map fragment

{Merchant_15} Forest-Spanning Greatbridgeq => Ancient Dragon Apostle’s Cookbook [2], Stonesword key x3, Red Crest Heater Shield, Scorpion Kite Shield, Crossed-Tree Tower Shield, Tree Surcoat, and many others

> teleporter to Village

Sacred Tear (Second Church of Marika, north-west from map fragment, in a despair)

*[Quest_Yura_5] Nagakiba + Purifying Crystal Tear + Eleonora’s Poleblade (Second Church of Marika)

Unseen Blade + Unseen Form (Mirage Rise, contact 3 phanoms: first phantom close to guide, second phantom south-west of this guide nearer to Second Church of Marika, third phantom is hidden as out-of-place rock between Bower of Bounty checkpoint and Forest-Spanning Greatbridge checkpoint)

Wrath of Gold (Woodfolk ruins cellar, east from Forest-Spanning Greatbridge checkpoint)

Icon Shield (ruins north of Woodfolk ruins)

AOW: Golden Slam (bug in ruins close to tree, north of the tree)

Nomadic Warrior’s cookbook [19] (similar ruins as above)

Golden Seed (north-north-east of the tree)

#Crimsonspill Crystal Tear + Speckled Hardtear (Giant Wormface close to tree)

Bloody Helice (Writheblood Ruins cellar, north-west of Mirage Rise, north-east of Bower of Bounty checkpoint, up the cliff, not in despair)

Great Stars (caravan close to Writheblood Ruins)

Radiant Gold Mask (southern finish of the southern a part of the northern damaged bridge, south from Road of Iniquity Side Path checkpoint and Corhyn with Goldmask, accessible from western cliff)

Protection of the Erdtree (bug on a platform close to north a part of bridge ruins, east of Road of Iniquity Side Path checkpoint)

[Quest_Corhyn_5] “Talk” to Goldmask (fringe of bridge, Road of Iniquity Side Path checkpoint)

[Quest_Corhyn_6] Tell Corhyn about Goldmask, he’s nonetheless at map fragment

[Quest_Corhyn_7] Return to Goldmask and ask Corhyn about him

Haima Glintstone Crown + Battlemage’s Set (battlemage on a cliff, East Windmill Pasture, simply north of Road of Iniquity Side Path checkpoint)

Ashes: Giant rat (western cliff, in a barn with rats, West Windmill Pasture, west of Road of Iniquity Side Path checkpoint)

Twinned Knight Sword + Navy Hood + Noble’s set (campfire at East Windmill Pasture, north of Road of Iniquity Side Path checkpoint)

Celebrant’s Skull (northern (left) path round cliff, from Windmill Village checkpoint)

#Godskin Peeler + Scouring Black Flame (northern cliff of Dominula, Windmill Village)

>Fire’s Deadly Sin (droppoint for Flightless Bird portray, Windmill Heights checkpoint, on the edge to the south)

Golden Seed (street from village to artillery and north-western gate)

AOW: Lightning Slash (bug in artillery camp, close to north-western gate)

Greatbow (prime of Highway Lookout Tower, north-west from camp above, south-east of Windmill Village checkpoint)

Larval Tear (scared noble turning into lion, ruins by street to south-south-east from Windmill Village checkpoint)

Lansseax’s Glaive (Lansseax, south from Rampartside Path checkpoint, on a hill)

> Harp bow (droppoint for Champion’s Song portray, just a bit south-west of Rampartside Path checkpoint, on a ledge the place dragon was)

Stonesword Key (platform, south-west from Rampartside Path checkpoint and south from artillery camp, down the street from Larval Tear above)

AOW: Lightning Ram (bug close to historical past spot, south-west from Rampartside Path checkpoint)

Black Knife (murderer, proceed street from Stonesword Key to the west, entrance to Sainted Hero’s Grave)

Sacred Tear, Dragonbolt Blessing (Stormcaller Church, south of Sainted Hero’s Grave)

[[Altus Tunnel]]

– Arsenal Charm +1

– #Somberstone Miner’s Bell Bearing [2]

[[Sainted Hero’s Grave]]

– Crimson Seed Talisman (require Stonesword Key)

– Ashes: Leyndell Soldier

– Dragoncrest Shield Talisman +1 (require Stonesword Key)

– Voice: Let’s get to it

– #Ashes: Ancient Dragon Knight Kristoff

[[Perfumer’s Grotto]]

– #Great Omenkiller Cleaver

Capital Outskirts

> beginning at Altus Highway Junction checkpoint and to the east

Erdtree Greatshield (two Treee Sentinels on the gate)

Golden Seed x2 (Outer Wall Phantom Tree checkpoint)

Golden Seed, Giant Crusher (camp, south of Outer Wall Phantom Tree checkpoint)

Missionary Cookbook [4], Golden Order Seal (Minor Erdtree Church, south-east of Outer Wall Phantom Tree checkpoint)

AOW: Prayerful Strike (invisible bug in a pond under, east of Outer Wall Phantom Tree checkpoint)

Gargoyle’s Great Axe (street north-west from Outer Wall Phantom Tree checkpoint)

Golden Seed (sq., north of Gargoyle, south of Magrit) ???

Lost Ashes of War (closed gate, south-west from Golden Seed above)

AOW: Golden Parry (bug on a ramp, close to Golden Seed above)

Viridian Amber Medallion +1 (Magrit, on the way in which north from Golden Seed above, south of Outer Wall Battleground checkpoint)

{Merchant_16} Hermit Merchant Shack checkpoint => Sentry’s Torch, Perfume Bottle, Prophet’s Set, Consort’s Trousers, Upper-Class Robe, Distinguishedd Greatshield, 

Medicine Peddler’s Bell Bearing (at night time, Hermit Merchant Shack checkpoint, Bell Bearing Hunter)

Twinbird Kite Shield (at night time, deathbird, west of Hermit Merchant Shack checkpoint, up the hill)

Winged Crystal Tear (the place deathbird is)

Twiggy Cracked Tear + Crimson Crystal Tear (Erdtree)

[Quest_DungEater_3] Talk to blackguard about Dung-eater (south-east of Hermit Merchant Shack checkpoint, down within the pond with crabs)

Dragon Greatclaw + Dragonclaw Shield (Draconic Tree Sentinel close to north-jap entrance to the Capital, Millicent might help)

[[Sealed Tunnel]]

– Smithing Stone Miner’s Bell Bearing [2]

– Stonesword Key

– #Onyx Lord’s Greatsword

> put together checkpoint previous boss for later

[[Auriza Side Tomb]]

– Perfumer’s Cookbook [3]

– Cracked Pot x2

– Ritual Pot

– Cracked Pot x2

– Ritual Pot

– #Ashes: Soldjars of Fortune

[[Auriza Hero’s Grave]]

– Golden Epitaph (require Stonesword Key)

– Stonesword Key

– Ashes: Vulgar Militia

– Crucible Feather Talisman (behind omen)

– AOW: Holy Ground + Tree Sentinel Set (after destroying chariots)

– #Ordovis’s Greatsword + Crucible Axe Set (crucible duo)

Mt. Gelmir

> Any checkpoint triggers Radahn competition

> beginning at Magma Wyrm Makar checkpoint, in Ruin-strewn precipice

Ruler’s Set (cart close to Stake of Marika, north-east of Abandoned Coffin checkpoint)

AOW: Sacred Order (bug on the street, north-west from Abandoned Coffin checkpoint)

Omenkiller’s Set (omenkiller in Perfumer’s Ruins, far north-west-west from Abandoned Coffin checkpoint)

Perfume Bottle (Perfumer’s Ruins)

Perfumer’s cookbook [1] (Perfumer’s Ruins, chest)

Perfume Bottle (Perfumer’s Ruins)

Perfumer’s Talisman (Perfumer’s Ruins cellar)

[Quest_Millicent_9] Talk to her, close to Erdtree Gazing Hill checkpoint, north-west of Abandoned Coffin checkpoint

Golden Seed (Erdtree Gazing Hill checkpoint)

[Quest_Rya_4/b] Talk close to Lux Ruins (simply close to Erdtree Gazing hill checkpoint) > she’ll teleport you to Volcano Manor, helpful to activate checkpoint for later and seize map close by !if she’s not there, see Quest_Rya_4/a

Ritual Sword Talisman (Lux Ruins, half that above Raya)

AOW: Shield Crash (teleporting bug in Lux Ruins)

DeathRoot + Ashes: Tibia Summons (Mariner at Wyndham Ruins, north from Erdtree Gazing Hill checkpoint, up the hill)

Perldrake Talisman +1 (Wyndham Ruins cellar, require Stonesword Key)

AOW: Barrage (bug close to Seethewater River checkpoint)

Golden Seed (north of Seethewater River checkpoint)

Stonesword Key (north-west from Seethewater Terminus checkpoint, close to jellyfish)

Prelate’s Inferno Crozier + Fire Prellate Armor (Fort Laiedd, west of Seethewater Terminus checkpoint)

Armorer’s cookbook [7] (Fort Laiedd)

Fire Scorpion Charm (Fort Laiedd, prime, over the wall, close to spirit)

#Dragon Heart (magma wyrm, south of Fort Laiedd)

[Quest_Alexander_7] Talk, close to magma wyrm, south of chateau?

Roilling Magma (south of magma wyrm, Hermit’s Shack)

Pulley Crossbow (east of Hermit’s shack, Craftsman’s Shack checkpoint)

Errant Sorcerer’s Set (Hermit village, north-east of Craftsman shack checkpoint) ??

Starlight Shard (Hermit Village)

Hierodas Glintstone Crown (Hermit Village)

Voice: You’re lovely (Hermit Village)

Memory Stone (queen Maggie, previous Hermit Village, north)

[Quest_Sellen_4] “Talk” to Azure => Comet Azure

Pulley Bow (cellular siege tower, previous Gelmir Hero’s Grave, north-east of Primeval Sorcerer Azur checkpoint, west of First Mt. Gelmir Campsite checkpoint)

Scavenger’s Curved sword (north-west of cellular siege tower, throughout the hole, with grafted scion)

{Merchant_17} Up the ladders from grafted scion => Nomadic Warrior’s cookbook [20], Stonesword Key, Guilty Hood, Confessor’s Set, Explosives Greatbolts, and many others.

Fallingstar Beast Jaw (up the mountain from Ninth Mt. Gelmir Campsite checkpoint)

Starlight Shard (similar bull battle enviornment)

AOW: Through and Through (invisible bug, west from bull battle enviornment, north-west of Vocanic Manor)

Golden Seed (north-west of Volcano Manor, west from bull battle enviornment)

Larval Tear (Wormface, north-west of Road of Iniquity checkpoint and map fragment)

#Leaden Hardtear + Cerulean Hidden Tear (Ulcerated Tree Spirit close to tree, west of Road of Iniquity checkpoint, previous Wormface)

Stone Sword Key (decrease a part of collapsed bridge, close to Corpse-Stench Shack, down the damaged bridge with corpses, east of tree)

Golden Vow (Corpse-Stench Shack)

* Sacred Butchering Knife (Anastasia, Corpse-Stench Shack, east from tree, west from Bridge of Iniquity checkpoint)

[Quest_Sellen_5] Talk to Sellen at Waypoint Ruins Cellar checkpoint, settle for Path, ask about Lusat’s whereabouts => Sellian Sealbreaker

[Quest_Sellen_6] go to Sellia Hideaway, all the way down to a pit with a mage, open magic barrier, “speak” with Lusat => Stars or Ruin

[Quest_Sellen_7] Talk to Sellen at Waypoint Ruins Cellar checkpoint => Starlight Shard

[Quest_Sellen_8] Talk to Sellen at Witchbane Ruins cellar at Weeping Peninsula => Sellen’s Primal Glintstone

[Quest_Sellen_9] Talk to Jerren in Redmane Castle about competition outcomes, if you happen to did not earlier than (Redmane Castle Plaza checkpoint)

[Quest_Sellen_10] Talk to Jerren at Witchbane Ruins cellar close to Sellen’s corpse about how she could return

[Quest_Sellen_11] Talk to Sellen (ruins north-east of Ranni’s Rise)

[Quest_Sellen_12_Final] Before Renalla’s boss room, select. Red signal => Witch’s Glintstone Crown, Sellen’s Bell Bearing, Ancient Dragon Smithing Stone, Eccentric Set (provided that kill Jerren) ; gold signal (really helpful) => Eccentric Set, Glintstone Kris, Witch’s Glintstone Crown, Shard Spiral, Azure’s Glintstone Set, Lusat’s set

> if ‘helped’ Sellen, return to respective places to Lusat (down within the second pit of Sellen Hideaway) and Azure (Primeval Sorcerer Azure checkpoint) to acquire Lusat’s set and Azure’s set

[[Sage’s Cave]]

> higly really helpful to convey Sentry’s Torch (Merchant_16) for murderer battle

– Lost Ashes of War

– Black hood

– Candletree Wooden Shield

– Stonesword key

– Raptor Talons

– Skeletal Mask

– Raptor’s Black Feathers

– #Family Heads (necromancer)

– #Concealing Veil (murderer)

[[Unsightly Catacombs: require 2 Stonesword keys]]

– Ashes: Winged Misbegotten

– Voice: Apologies

– #Ashes: Perfumer Tricia

[[Wyndham Catacombs]]

– Lightning Scorpion Charm (require Stonesword Key)

– Ancient Dragon Apostle’s cookbook [1]

– #Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing [1]

[[Subterranian Inquisition Chamber]]

> Accessed from Raya Lucaria Academy’s Abductor. If went exterior to manor or Altus Plateau, will set off Radahn competition, if was not earlier than.

Inquisitor’s Girandole

[[Seethewater Cave]]

– Mushroom set (close to flower and flower-lovers)

– #Kindred of Rot’s Exultation

[[Old Altus Tunnel: Require Stonesword key x2]]

– Boltdrake Talisman +1

– Troll’s Hammer

– #Great Club

[[Gelmir Hero’s Grave]]

– Stonesword key

– Mantis Blade

– Bloodhound Set

– Gelmir’s Set

– Ringed Finger (down the lava)

– #Ashes: Bloodhound Knight Floh

– Deathroot

[[Volcano Cave]]

– #Jar Cannon

Shaded Castle

Starlight shard (exterior of chateau, round clockwise, north)

Marais Set + Antspur Rapier (invader, exterior of chateau, west)

“Champion’s Song” Painting (comply with wall to the north, previous two perfumer’s, down in a poison puddle with a slugs and zombies, in a shack) => Droppoint south-west of Rampartside Path checkpoint, on a ledge with Lansseax

[Quest_Millicent_10] Valkyrie’s Prosthesis (after climbing ladder to inside wall, comply with north, chest behind rot knight)

Perfume Bottle (from Shaded Castle Inner Gate checkpoint go to the ladder on jap wall, and to the proper, close to perfumer)

Stonesword Key (from close to Perfume Bottle, bounce on rocks off south-jap a part of the wall, then proceed rigorously on different aspect of rocks)

[2] A cookbook geared at perfumers. (after leaving the checkpoint at the Shaded Castle Inner Gate, travel to the north side of the castle and ascend the ladder in the chamber labelled “dead of night” with Paige and Mage)

The Executioner’s Blade of the Marais and the Greatshield of Briar

[Quest_Millicent_11] Give Millicent prosthesis arm (close to Erdtree Gazing Hill checkpoint)

[Quest_Millicent_12] Talk to Gowry => Gesture: Desperate Prayer

[Quest_Millicent_13] Talk at Windmill Heights checkpoint the place battle with Godskin wa

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