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Does Pokimane Have An OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is a well-liked platform that enables content producers to share their work with the most devoted fans of their work. Fans are required to pay a price (a membership) in order to access exclusive material that is not available anywhere else on the internet.

OnlyFans reportedly had sales of around $380 million United States dollars in the year 2020, according to Statista. It was anticipated that there may be a two hundred percent rise in sales in 2021.Pokimane is the stage name under which Imane Anys, a renowned Twitch broadcaster, performs.

Pokimane has amassed an impressive following, with over 9 million people following him on Twitch and over 6 million people following him on Instagram.

Pokimane does not yet have an OnlyFans section. During a broadcast, Pokimane hinted that she would create an OnlyFans account for her cat. On OnlyFans, it is quite probable that any account that claims to be Pokimane is lying and imitating her in some way.

Let’s get into this topic a little bit more!

Does Pokimane Have OnlyFans?

Now, as we’ve just said, Pokimane does not yet have an OnlyFans section. On the other hand, she has suggested in the stream that she may construct one for her cat.

Watch the video in question.

To provide a brief synopsis, Pokimane is now accompanied by her close buddy Mizkif, who is also a Twitch broadcaster.

Mizkif confronts Pokimane with the following question: “If you did OnlyFans, do you think it would be the number one OnlyFans in the world?”

Pokimane gives a reply that goes as follows: “If I put forth my very best effort, maybe.”

Pokimane then utters the following: “I’d be down to build an OnlyFans for my cat, like I’ll do that. He’s adorable”.

Then, would it be possible for there to be a Pokimane OnlyFans in the near future? Maybe! It seems as if Pokimane is contemplating the possibility of making one for her cat.

If, on the other hand, all you want to do is look at more of Pokimane’s work, you may want to try checking out some of her other social media sites. Additionally, she updates her status on Twitter, YouTube, and TikTok.

In addition to Twitch and Instagram, both of which were mentioned earlier in the sentence.

If Pokimane does decide to make an OnlyFans account, it is quite probable that she would announce it on one of her social media accounts. Therefore, it would be beneficial to follow them so that you are kept informed of the latest developments.

Fake Pokimane OnlyFans Accounts

On OnlyFans, you should be aware of the unfortunate reality that individuals often mimic the site’s founders.

They do this by making an account on OnlyFans and uploading the profile photo of the originator.

After then, the link is shared across other social media platforms.

Following this, the imposter will most likely just republish online material that the real author has previously made available. Since it is often rather old, the likelihood that the fan has previously seen it is much reduced.

Verify if the author, who in this instance is Pokimane, has marketed their account on another social media account that they control. Doing so can help you from falling victim to a con like the one described above.

Why Pokimane May Not Create an OnlyFans

As you are aware, there is not yet an OnlyFans section on Pokimane.

Because of what she said in response to one of her fans, Pokimane could decide against creating an OnlyFans account.

A supporter tweeted the phrase “OnlyFans” many times to Pokimane in May of 2020.

Does Pokimane Have An OnlyFans?

Pokimane then replied saying “OnlyNo” to the tweet.

This demonstrates that Pokimane did not have any interest in establishing an OnlyFans at that particular moment in time. On the other hand, this could change in the near or far future.

In another of his tweets, Pokimane said that he “agreed on both portions. Could folks please quit urging each other to create onlyfans accounts? If someone wants to, then more power to them; but, repeatedly encouraging someone to do it via tweets is simply strange. – The 26th of July, 2020, on Twitter

This demonstrates once again that At this point in time, Pokimane is becoming more irritated by fans who are clamouring for an OnlyFans. Having said that, these tweets are rather outdated at this point. Therefore, it’s possible that she’s had a change of mind.

Because Pokimane has such a sizable fan base, it is quite likely that she is content with the amount of money that she earns.

As a result, she does not have much drive to produce further material.

It is reasonable that she does not want to write a piece of content since doing so may be taxing and time demanding, respectively.

How Much Can Pokimane Earn From OnlyFans?

In order to have an idea of how much this will cost, we need to make an educated calculation as to what proportion of users will subscribe to Pokimane’s account and how much the monthly charge will be.

Let’s assume that 0.001 percent of her audience is potentially interested in subscribing to her OnlyFans page.

The creators of OnlyFans often charge $10 per month as a membership fee.

Pokimane has 9,000 followers on Twitch, which is 0.001 percent of their total audience.

If the calculations we used are accurate, then Pokimane might make $90,000 each month through OnlyFans. This is based on the assumption that she charges $10 per month and has 9,000 members; however, this amount is very unlikely to be accurate.

This is only a wild assumption, but it would be intriguing to find out what Pokimane is capable of doing. According to our estimation, she would likely earn a great deal more than that.


In a nutshell, Pokimane does not have an active account on OnlyFans at this time.

There is a possibility that this may change in the future, but for the time being, she has said on Twitter that she does not want to make one.

Be on the lookout for someone pretending to be Pokimane on OnlyFans.

Following Pokimane across all of her social media channels is the most effective approach to learn whether or if she will eventually establish an OnlyFans account for her fans.

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