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Destiny 2: Grasp Of Avarice — Phryzhia Ogre Boss And Sparrow Guide

When you have finished with the puzzle regions, the first boss will appear for you to fight. Also coming into play are some of the game’s older systems, such as the Burdened by Riches debuff and the Scorch Cannon. The following is a walkthrough for the Grasp of Avarice dungeon in Destiny 2, which will assist you in defeating a monster called Phryzhia the Insatiable and completing the Sparrow encounter.

Note: Please go to our Destiny 2: Season of the Lost guides and features centre for any further information that you may need. You may also go to our main guide if you want more information on the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.

Destiny 2 Grasp of Avarice – Phryzhia the Insatiable boss and Sparrow section guide

In Destiny 2, before engaging in combat with Phryzhia the Insatiable, you may wish to make a mental note of the location of the Icon of Excess crystal. It may be found in the first region after you have jumped down, and you will return here several times during the game. When the player first confronts the Ogre monster, it is protected by a shield.

Take note that the arena has some similarities to The Devil’s Lair, the location of the battle with Sepiks Prime.

Destiny 2: Grasp Of Avarice — Phryzhia Ogre Boss And Sparrow Guide

You will need to proceed to the walkway at the rear of the area where a yellow-bar Vandal spawns in order to breach the shield protecting Phryzhia the Insatiable. Kill it, then get the Scorch Cannon from the chest.

After that, you should now be able to view two Ether Tanks to your left and right. You will need to fire the cannon and keep your finger on the trigger button until you see a brilliant flash and hear a louder ping. This puzzle chamber is quite similar to the one you just solved. This indicates that the explosion is at its maximum potential.

After you have finished pressing the button, you may let go of it and the explosion will cause the door to open. You will engage in combat with a number of Hive monsters within, each of which may drop an exotic engram.

Gather these items, and then make your way to the crystal in the open area so that you may charge it up. Perform the same actions in the room that is located on the other side of the arena.

The DPS phase is not supposed to start until the crystal has around 20 charges. There are a variety of instruments, ranging from The Lament to the Gjallarhorn, that you may use to wail on the Ogre. Congratulations are in order if it can be accomplished in a single stage. In that case, you should simply repeat the steps from earlier. Following the conclusion of your fight against Phryzhia the Insatiable in Destiny 2, you will be rewarded with the Grasp of Avarice (i.e., Matador 64 shotgun, leg armor, and class item).

You should be able to see the exit if you travel to the rear (where the walkway is located and where the Vandal will spawn). You will finally emerge from the muck-filled factory of the Hive into an open area where we will make use of our Sparrow. The next section of our guide to the Grasp of Avarice dungeon in Destiny 2 will focus on this transition zone, so let’s get right to it.

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