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Castle Crashers: Animal Orb Locations

Animal Orbs, or “Pets” as many players refer to them, are what you’ll need to get your hands on if you want to add some excitement to your Castle Crashers experience.

After locating an Animal Orb, you will be eligible for a variety of other upgrades and benefits. The pets that seem to float about players are what we refer to as Animal Orbs; if you’ve seen them, you already know what we’re talking about.

In order to reap all of the rewards and advantages that come with having pets, it is your mission to collect all 29 Animal Orbs, including any downloadable content.

However, because to the fact that there are so many, it is difficult to locate them all. The reason for this is because we compiled a list of every Animal Orb Location that can be found in Castle Crashers.

Animal Orb Locations In Castle Crashers

Castle Crashers: Animal Orb Locations


The effect is a +2 Magic bonus (Old), or a +4 Magic bonus (PC/Remastered).

Location: at the blacksmith’s shop Find the door in the far left corner of the animal ark that is locked, then use the key sword to force it open.

Bipolar Bear

The effect of this is that it will hit foes with 8% of their health and players or friends with 11HP or less. If you are not cautious, it will lead to a fire that is started by friendly forces.

Find the sign with the horn near the entrance to the Ice Castle, and then play the horn near the sign. The location of this event is Snow World.

Bitey Bat

Effect: Deals little damage while immobilising foes and holding them in place.

Location: Pipistrello’s cave {Defeat Pipistrello}

Burly Bear

+2 Strength (Old), +3 Strength (PC/Remastered), and +1 Defense (PC/Remastered) are added to the effect of this item.

Find a cave that has a boulder in it, eat a sandwich, and then pull the rock out of the cave. The location of this quest is in the tall grass field. Locate a hole or crack in one of the cave’s walls, and then bomb it.


Effect: Finds hidden goods

Industrial Castle is the setting, and your objective is to vanquish the beast.


Plus 1 to Strength, + 1 to Defense, + 1 to Agility Effect:

Medusa’s Lair is the location where you will need to “Find the dig area on the level and scoop him out.”

Dragon head

Effect: Fire is shot at the adversaries.

Insane Store, located in the DLC section of Xbox (Everything Else)


Effect: Seizes hold of goods

Marsh “Find the dig location in the cemetery and shovel him out,” the operator instructed.


Effect: +10 XP gain

Location: in the desert “Shovel him out” when you’ve located the digging site

Golden Whale

The effect of this spell is to drop a gold piece every 12-17 seconds.

Location: Downloadable Content, Battle Block Theater (another game), and the Church Store


Effect: Attacks adversaries while they are on the ground and, when they are killed, steals a fruit from them; however, it can only keep a single fruit at a time.

Find a cabin marked with a horn and blow it to advance the story at this location, which is a tall grass field.

Install Ball

Effect: Attacks foes with plasma balls and does damage.

Location: An alien ship “During countdown, a tiny compartment that has IB in it may be located on this ship.”


The effect has a +3 Agility bonus (Old), or a +4 Agility bonus (PC/Remastered).

The phrase “go into the cyclops cave and then out of it,” along with cycling through the stages at a specific point in the game’s advancement, should cause him to appear. The location is the Parade.


Increases the likelihood of dropping loot

Place: the Church’s Gift Shop (Replaced by a golden whale in some versions of the game)

Mr. Buddy

Accelerate the digging process.

Find the first dig area, and you’ll be able to pull him out of it. The location is the Home Castle.


Finds fruit in the trees as an effect.

Location: Before entering the level, you may discover the owlet behind some bushes located at the entrance to the Thieves Forest.


Effect: Reveals dig spots

Location: Snow Store


Improves the quality of food

Location: The Sore in the Swamp Village


Effect: Has a chance to knock down foes at random.

Tall Grass Field is the location, and the objective is to defeat the Bear Boss.


The effect is +1 Strength for Old, +2 Strength for PC/Remastered, and +2 Agility.

Sand Castle Interior “Bomb the damaged wall” is the command. Location:

Sea horse

No restriction on the flow of water is imposed as a result.

Location: “Out in the open by the river,” inside the Thieves’ Forest


The Effect Is a Higher Jump

The Animal Ark may be found here. Find the door on the far left side of the screen and perform either magic leap or a combo move to ascend further into the air.


The effect is a +5 Defense boost at the cost of a -5 Agility (Old) or a -2 Agility (PC/Remastered).

Marsh “Find him out in the open near one of the cottages,” the guidebook instructs.


The effect is a +2 Strength bonus (old version) or a +4 Strength bonus (PC/Remastered version).

Find the cracked second enclave, and then bomb it. This mission’s setting is Cyclops’s fortress.


Effect: +2 Defense (old) or +4 Defense (PC/Remastered)

Purchase him at the volcanic store’s location.


Effect: a one percent regeneration of health every ten seconds.

Find the cracked wall in the Thieves’ woodland that has a troll peering out of it, bomb the wall, and grab the troll.


The player will not get frozen and will have increased resistance to ice as a result of this effect.

Location: Snow world Find a hut that has a chimney that is smoking and lights that are on before entering the ice castle level. You’ll find him hiding behind the hut; sneak up on him.


Discovers Fruit Hidden Among the Bushes as an Effect.

Desert Chase “Kill the Saracen who is riding a camel with Zebra,” the mission’s location states.

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