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Can You Use a PS5 Controller On Xbox One

The Dual Sense controller, to be specific. Ah! This incredible piece of future technology is a must-have. It’s possible that I won’t love any future controllers as much as I liked my dual sense controller, but I highly doubt it.

It’s hard to explain, but I just can’t get enough of it. It is just as stunning as the latest console in its generation. Sometimes even more so than the console itself.

I promise that I will put my fanboy viewpoint to the side for this discussion and instead focus on the Dual Sense controller in a subsequent paragraph.

In most cases, you will not want to purchase an additional controller if you already own an Xbox system as well as a PlayStation console.

I can thus see why you found yourself pondering this subject.

Don’t worry about it, the situation is OK. I will walk you through the specific steps involved in that manner; you may utilise your Dual Sense controller with an Xbox console.

Therefore, put your reading glasses on and proceed to get the information you want.

Can you use DualSense on Xbox?

Although Microsoft does not officially support the Dual Sense controller for usage with Xbox systems, third-party adapters make it possible to use the controller with newer generations of Xbox consoles. With the assistance of Xbox cloud gaming services, you may play Xbox games on both your personal computer and your mobile device.

A lot of you are curious about the differences between the Official Xbox Controllers and the New Dual Sense controller, and why you need to go with the latter. Therefore, let’s dive into it right now.

The newly developed dual sense has an original layout. In addition to this, two essential characteristics will play a significant role in the next-generation gaming experience you will have. The Xbox engineers even applauded the haptic feedback and the adaptable triggers, which are two of the new features that were released with the console.

As I was saying before, the new dual sensation is unlike anything else out there. It was shown during the launch with a skin that was all white, and it looked just stunning. However, you can now obtain the Dual Sense in black and in cosmic red simultaneously.

And let me tell you, the hue of the cosmic red is just remarkable. As soon as you get any of this hue on your hands, you’ll know it’s one of your favourites.

Can You Use a PS5 Controller On Xbox One

When compared to the controller of the previous generation, the Dual Shock was a very minor innovation. It wasn’t a big issue for those who had little hands to cope with it. But what about others in my situation? There was a frenzy of activity, and the hands that were being used were far bigger than normal. Every first-person shooter game we tried was a complete and utter failure for us. On the other hand, with my brand-new Dual Sense, I won’t have to be concerned about it. I mean, compared to a typical DS4, this one is quite a bit larger. It features a robust handle that is somewhat lengthy. Your hand will be able to relax naturally as a result of this. Because of the increased surface area, it will perfectly fit in your hand, which will enable you to grasp or grip the controller in a more secure manner.

The Dual Shock controller features an antiquated touchpad that has never been helpful in any gaming context. That was a significant challenge for the controller. On the other hand, Sony heeded the feedback of its clientele and breathed new life into the Dual Sense touchpad as a result. It is now possible for you to see the tracking of your fingers in a graphical user interface that pops up whenever you put your fingertips on the touchpad. This is just the beginning; I’m sure it’ll find its way into game modes in the future. That implies that you won’t have to press a button 10 times to construct a single letter, and this is only the beginning.

Consider a device called a controller, which may make you feel as if you are walking on sand or getting soaked in the rain. Exactly! Unbelievable. The haptics give you an accurate impression of the character you’re playing as in the game. If you do your nature walks on a surface that is moist, you will be able to feel this via both of your senses at the same time. How amazing is it!

You’ll be able to get a better sense of the differences between the guns thanks to the adjustable triggers. You will notice a difference in how your fingers feel between firing a fire gun and firing an assault rifle when you try both. Also, playing games like FIFA or NBA would leave you feeling exhausted and drained of vitality.

How To Use PS5 Controller On Xbox

Because the new PlayStation platform is so far ahead of its competition, I can see why you would want to utilise the Dual Sense controller on Xbox consoles. It fared so well in the early weeks that even the Xbox developers went to admire it, and they also set to work on making another controller that could compete with Sony.

Therefore, whatever it is that makes you want to utilise the Dual Sense controller on Xbox systems, it may be the controller, it could be for a function it has, etc. However, I hate to be the one to break your heart and tell you this, but there is no official support for this to function.

To clarify, you can’t immediately play with the controller by plugging it into the Xbox system and starting to use it.

There are, however, certain third-party gadgets that will provide this functionality for you.

1. Connect The Dual Sense With Third-Party Adapter

If you connect the Dual Sens controller to the Xbox system using an adapter that was not manufactured by Microsoft, you will be able to connect it and play games with it.

Having said that, I won’t provide any advice on the adaptor that you should purchase. since there are a lot of different adapters available, and you should choose the one that works best for you in particular.

Nevertheless, if you want my advice, don’t go with the choice that’s less expensive since that company might fail at any point. Therefore, purchase while simultaneously reading the comprehensive evaluation of the goods. after you have completed the process of ordering the Adapter. It is quite simple to put into use. To resolve the issue with your PS5 sound output, please refer to our tutorial.

Using the controller with Adapter is as simple as the following steps:

  • Connect the Adapter to the Xbox.
  • The Dual Sense USB cable should be inserted into the adapter.
  • Establish a connection with the Dual Sense Controller using USB Type-C.

2. Play Xbox Games With PS5 Controller with Xbox Cloud Service

You may use a Dual Sense controller to play your Xbox games if you have the Xbox Cloud Service subscription. Simply search for “The Xbox gaming service application” in the Google Play Store on your Android smartphone or your laptop or desktop computer. After that, connect the dual sense to the computer using the USB cord, and then link it to mobile devices via Bluetooth. You may now play your favourite Xbox games with a controller with Dual Sense.

It is important to keep this in mind since it is possible that you may require an Ultimate Xbox Game Pass in order to utilise a dual sensing controller with Xbox games.

Can you use a PS5 controller on Xbox One without an adapter?

No, you will need an adapter in order to use the controller directly till further notice. Because there is no official support programme for the Dual Sense Controller to plug and play on Xbox systems, the controller cannot be used with these devices.

On the other hand, if you are eager to play just Xbox games on other devices, you are able to do so with the help of the Xbox remote play services.

You only need to have the Xbox game pass ultimate, and then you’ll be able to play games remotely on your desktop or laptop computer, as well as on your mobile device, with the assistance of Xbox Digital Services. Do you want more games on the PS5? Check out our previous roundups on the best PS5 horror games and the best PS5 games for kids for more great recommendations.

Can you play Xbox with a PS controller?

No, you cannot utilise a PlayStation controller to play Xbox games since there is no official support for such a combination from either of these two industry titans. On the other hand, you may use the controller from the PlayStation series with the extra adapter on the Xbox series.

Unfortunately, as of right now, there is not an Official PS5 Xbox Controller available to purchase that is compatible with both the PS5 and the Xbox series of games. Also, if you see anything, please steer clear of it and take full responsibility for your actions. Because there is a possibility that it is a fake and hence a waste of money.

So, it’s possible that it may occur in the future, but that future is a very long way off. But if you ask me in an honest way, I’ll tell you that I don’t think that will happen, therefore my answer is no.

You have to understand that these two console manufacturers have been engaged in this prolonged competition for a very long time, and I don’t see them combining forces any time soon. Even cross-play between players is not available in online games. And Sony takes a great deal of pleasure in the fact that their games are available nowhere else, and both of these corporations are currently in the process of purchasing major gaming studios in order to create their own unique games.

You won’t have any trouble finding an official game controller that is compatible with your Xbox One since the market is flooded with options. On the other hand, you may construct your own own scuf controller from scratch, and then you can use it with your Xbox One.

The following is a list of the controllers that are compatible with your Xbox:

  • Xbox Elite Series 2. Xbox Core Controller.
  • Xbox Adaptive Controller. Razer Wolverine V2 Gaming Controller.
  • Hyperkin Duke Wired Controller.

Can I Use The Dual Sense Controller On A Computer?

Because Dual Sense is not a certified Microsoft device (for reasons that should be clear), you are unable to connect and play the controller and take use of all of its features simultaneously.

On the other hand, you may make your Dual Sense work on a computer by utilising Steam or one of the many other third-party software available. If you use Dual Sense through Steam on a personal computer, you will enjoy full compatibility with the software. In the not too distant future, I anticipate that platforms such as Uplay, Epic Game Store, and Rockstar Launcher will all provide full compatibility. Check out the possible causes of your PS5’s persistent freezing.

There is also an application made by a third party that you may use on a computer in order to take use of your Dual Sense. After you have downloaded the DS4Windows programme, you are prepared to go forward with the setup process. On the other hand, it’s possible that the whole Dual Sense experience won’t be available for PC for a little while longer.

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Final Thoughts

Because Dual Sense is such a fantastic controller, it quickly became one of the PlayStation’s most marketable characteristics. You will experience sensations you have never had before thanks to the one-of-a-kind haptic feedback and the adaptable triggers. This controller is a great example of what gaming will be like in the future generation.

My prediction is that the next generation of gaming will be shaped by this controller. It is expected that during the next several days, its development will continue and it will have a substantial effect on the gaming industry.

With any luck, you should now be able to use the controller for the PS5 on the Xbox system after reading this advice.

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