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Can You Sell Or Refund Digital Nintendo Switch Games?

Some players will eventually desire to sell or refund a digital game purchased for the Nintendo Switch. It’s unavoidable, but the question is whether it’s even possible to do so.

Normally, after a digital Nintendo Switch game has been purchased, it cannot be sold or refunded. No refunds will be issued for digital game purchases made on the Nintendo Switch, whether purchased in error or because the player does not enjoy the game.

A Nintendo Switch game can only be refunded if there are significant quality issues with the title.

Throughout this article, I’ll explain how to contact Nintendo support in order to request a game refund, how frequently they provide refunds, and the procedures you should take before purchasing a game.

Can You Refund Nintendo Switch Games?

Nintendo’s refund policy stipulates that all sales are final, which means that once a Nintendo Switch game has been purchased, it cannot be returned.

Digital software cannot be returned for any reason, including dissatisfaction with the product, unintentional purchase by someone with access to your account, or the majority of other frequent causes.

The customer support team must be contacted in this situation, and they will typically answer by stating that the refund will be treated as a one-time allowance for your user account.

Reasons Nintendo Won’t Offer Refunds

Nintendo does not offer refunds for

  • mistaken purchases
  • purchased made by someone else on your account (friends, family)
  • games you don’t like
  • short games
  • games you found offensive
  • all other common and uncommon reasons

Reasons Nintendo May Offer Refunds

Nintendo may offer refunds in rare instances if a Nintendo Switch game has

  • extreme lack of quality
  • seizure inducing issues
  • games-breaking bugs
  • catastrophic glitches
  • widely criticized problems

Because of the severe flaws and errors in Sonic Colors Ultimate, for example, Nintendo refunded customers who purchased the game in September 2021.

“Sonic Colors Ultimate on [S]witch has been refunded. If you plan on requesting a refund[,] Nintendo is actually prepared to honour your request because they appear to be aware of the concerns at this point. Please make this information public.”

However, while it is not impossible, Nintendo Switch game refunds are extremely unusual, owing to the company’s desire to prevent users from abusing the system.

If you believe your account has been hacked or otherwise compromised, you must immediately notify Nintendo Support and request a refund from the company. In the case of refunds, this is a legitimate reason to contact customer service.

In general, real refunds will be granted in the appropriate conditions, but with the restriction that the refund will only be granted once to a player.

How To Refund Nintendo Switch Games

Nintendo support can issue a refund for digital Nintendo Switch games if they are returned in their original condition. Return requests can be submitted via SMS, live chat, email, or phone call to customer service, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. until 7:00 p.m. PT on a daily basis (except for major holidays).

Explain your explanation to Nintendo in order for your refund request to be considered.

How To Contact Nintendo Support

To get help from Nintendo, go to their support page by clicking here.
Select your preferred means of communication (chat, text message, phone, email help ticket)
wait for a response after filling out the form or explaining your refund reason
In yet another instance, Nintendo’s refund policy clearly specifies that the company does not issue refunds:

“Unfortunately, we are unable to issue refunds or exchanges for mistakes made during the purchasing process.”

When contacting Nintendo customer service, keep in mind that the company has a refund policy. Wait and see how things turn out, and only request refunds when the quality of a game is in question or if your account has been legitimately hacked.

Understand that Nintendo does not typically issue refunds for purchases made in error or for other common causes, and you will not be disappointed.

How To Prevent Yourself From Purchasing A Nintendo Switch Game You Don’t Like

Given the fact that Nintendo rarely offers returns, thoroughly study a Nintendo Switch game before purchasing it. Before purchasing a game, read Reddit reviews from other players who have played it, watch two or three YouTube video impressions, and read the product description for the game.This is a review aggregate site that combines a game’s review scores (user and industry-wide) to provide a complete understanding of a game’s perception by the gaming community.


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