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C3 Banana Split Switches Review

Today I’m going to go through an explanation of the highly renowned and enormously hyped among keyboard fans, the tik-tok switches known as “Banana Split Switches.” These switches are known as “Banana Split Switches” A switch that has garnered a lot of interest from users who like tinkering with the settings on their mechanical keyboards in order to achieve a superior level of typing comfort since it was first introduced to the market. This essay is tailored just to the sort of user that you are, so read on if that describes you!

Because these Banana split switches have the potential to completely transform your experience, whether of whether you play video games or just type for fun. But can the excitement that has been generated really be justified? Or is there a secret that hasn’t been exposed yet that we need to find out?

As a result, I have provided you with a comprehensive post to answer any questions that may have recently come to your attention. Regarding banana split switches, each and every question will be answered in detail in the following post. Let’s go delve into the specifics!

What are Banana Split Switches?

C3 Banana Split Switches Review

The linear form of switch known as Banana Split Switches is a product of JWK and was created by C3 equalz. Its construction involves the blending of the housings of three distinct components, which are as follows:

  • Nylon
  • Polycarbonate
  • POM Stem 

In most cases, banana switches will not have a tactile bump and will need 62 grammes of force to activate.

The amount of pressure that must be applied in order for a keypress to be registered is known as the actuation force, and an actuation force of 62 grammes is regarded as optimal for quick typing and fluid finger motions.

Therefore, users will experience exceptionally smooth keypresses whenever they type on the keyboard.

These Banana split switches are made by a reputable company called JWK, which is also the company that is responsible for the production of other popular switches for mechanical keyboards, such as Durocks, Everglides, and EV-series.

Banana Split Switches Specifications

Banana Split Switches are loaded with a wide range of enhanced capabilities and a plethora of specialised features.

These switches are manufactured using extremely specialised equipment, and one of the unique characteristics of banana switches is that the business JWK pre-lubricates them before they leave the plant.

In addition to this, you may lubricate the switches in order to achieve an even smoother operation.

The following is a comprehensive list of requirements, which I am presenting in the form of a table for your convenience:

Banana Split Switches Review

The linear style of switch known as a banana split switch is thought to be an excellent choice for gaming as well as other types of leisure employment.

But when compared to the several other switches that are offered on the market, is this one actually the best option?

To arrive at a decision, I’m doing a comprehensive analysis of banana split switches that takes into account every relevant factor.

1. Banana Split Switches Sound

Users focus their attention most intently on the sound profile of a mechanical keyboard since it is the most dominant component.

Because the sound profile of banana split switches is so much lower and a little bit quiet compared to that of most other linear switches, it is suitable for use in gaming.

The firm uses bespoke equipment to create these switches; also, the switches are pre-lubricated, which enables the company to provide a far smoother experience for the user and to make a sound that is both clearer and deeper while the user is typing on the device.

The pre-factory lubing, in conjunction with the extremely mild application, contributes to these switches having a sound and smoothness that is well balanced overall.

I’ve included the following video for your convenience so that you can get a better idea of how it really sounds:

2. Actuation Force

This particular banana switch has an actuation force of 62g, which simply means that the spring requires 62g of force to depress a key all the way to the bottom so that a keystroke may be effectively registered.

Even though the actuation is very quick and precise, it is undeniably beneficial to gaming because of its responsiveness.

Because of their shape and actuation force, they also permit quick finger motions while the user is typing on the keyboard.

In all honesty, a 62-gram spring is not going to be a reason for worry. However, you do have the option to change the spring in the event that you do not feel at ease with it. This can be accomplished with relative ease.

3. Performance

The performance of these switches is really outstanding, which is above my expectation given the very reasonable price that they are sold at. The top of it does not include a tactile bump, and as a consequence, key pushes made by users are quite smooth. These banana switches are PCB Mounted, and while the films are not needed, they are beneficial to have even if they are not necessary.

These switches, similar to kiwi and tangerine switches, come in a container that is packaged in plastic tubs with some stickers. This container is similar to the ones that tangerine and kiwi switches come in.

In addition to that, it has a gold-plated spring that ensures superior key pushes.

The sound that is created by these switches is pretty much clear, deeper owing to the lubing, and crispier, which is fairly gratifying to your ears and users are going to really like it. As I have previously said, the sound performance of this product has already been covered.

Even though it already has the pre-lubes applied at the manufacture, you are free to apply more lube from the top of the keyboard at any time; doing so will not do any damage to the device.

4. Price

Price is the deciding element in any mechanical switch; a switch that meets all of the criteria and fulfils all of the functions but has an exorbitant price tag might actually cause a user to walk away from the purchase.

JWK developed Banana Split Switches at a cost that was fair, and the product was first sold for $0.65 when it was first introduced. They did this while keeping this important consideration in mind.

If you compare banana switches to JWK’s other switches, such as Alpacas, banana switches have the advantage in terms of smoothness, gripping, and offering a frequent typing experience. This is because banana switches feature a ridged surface that helps prevent slippage.

Where to buy Banana Split Switches?

Because of their limited manufacturing and strong demand among customers, banana split switches are often out of stock, which makes acquiring them a difficult task. This is because of the high level of competition among customers.

Now that this was brought to the company’s notice, they quickly boosted its availability across all of their many selling channels.

These banana split switches are available for direct sale or group purchase on TKC, in addition to being available on the following other platforms:

  1. Thekeycompany
  2. Amazon
  3. Swagkeys

Due to the fact that numerous websites provide different pricing, it is imperative that you double verify the availability of these switches as well as their costs before making a purchase.

Alpaca V2 vs Banana Split Switches: Which is better?

Since the Alpaca v2 switches are also created by JMK in the same manner as the banana switches, customers often compared the two types of switches before making a purchase choice.

Therefore, in order to examine the similarities and differences between the two switches, I have compiled the following comparison table:

Both switches, as can be seen, have a similar spec profile, with the exception of sound. Because the sound profile is the primary point of difference between these switches, the selection ultimately boils down to personal choice.

PCB mount and the keycaps themselves may also be distinguishing elements in the future, when it comes time to choose keycap profiles.

Are Banana Split Switches good for gaming?

A good switch should be highly viable for gaming since it needs rapid typing motions, smooth gripping as well as great build quality. It is because it shouldn’t be worn and broken down in case we activate keypress with any significant pressure. So sure, these banana switches might be an excellent pick thanks to their overall robust construction, linear design, smoother typing experience, and optimal actuation force. Which offers a rapid typing experience and reaction speed. You may absolutely consider it for gaming.

Are Banana Splits hot swappable?

Yes, you are able to do a hot swap using Banana Split Switches as long as you are using Cherry-compatible switches, such as novelkey creams, banana splits, or Gateron ink blacks. This is the only condition under which this is possible.

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I have done the best that I can to condense all of the information pertaining to Banana Split Switches into an one location, including its review, sound, and feel in addition to its overall performance.

You may find that the Banana Split Switches seem quite a bit heavier, particularly if you are transitioning from Cherry Red Switches, which have an actuation force of around 45 grammes. This is especially true if you are used to using Cherry Red Switches, which have a limited availability.

The fact that this is the case nevertheless, these switches are an excellent choice for keyboard aficionados who are seeking for a means to engage in activities that are distinct from what they have done in the past.

They are going to come out and be pleasantly impressed with how well it performs!!

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