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Blade And Soul Beginner Guide

Finding a new massively multiplayer online game might be challenging. Not only is it possible that you will devote literally hundreds of hours to your chosen one, but you are also reliant on a large player base and diligent background development to keep it going, as well as a large amount of content to provide any sense of longevity. If you want to play for a long time, you need to find one that has a lot of content. Blade & Soul seems to have a bright future ahead of it as a result of its already very high player count, its enjoyable gameplay, and its abundance of content.

Eastern audiences have been continuously signing on to the game ever since it was released in Korea in the middle of 2012, indicating that the unusual combination of fighting game gameplay and role-playing components seems to have succeeded for those audiences. Here is a selection of advice for those of you who are just starting off in the game after its western release in January. Hopefully, it will prevent you from getting into any negative habits right away.


Blade And Soul Beginner guide

When beginning play in a brand-new massively multiplayer online game, players are often faced with the difficult decision of selecting their character’s race and class. When you reach the endgame of an uneven game, it is crucial to know which races and skill sets are destined to dominate. On the other hand, selecting one set of talents over another often prevents you from having access to enjoyable and intriguing possibilities in the future.

Because Blade & Soul is so incredibly well balanced – most likely as a result of the many years it has been in operation in Eastern lands – the whole cast of races and classes may compete on an equal footing with one another. This allows for a wider variety of play styles. Because the skill-based fighting ensures that your best class will be the one with which you are most proficient, it is advisable to stay with a playstyle that you are already acquainted with from playing other massively multiplayer online games (MMOs).


Changing the viewing mode of your talents screen is an easy trick that will help you become used to the intricacies of this massively multiplayer online game (MMO). You may bring up the talent tree for your character by pressing the letter K on your keyboard. This skill tree is by default an excruciatingly long list that is certain to put off any newbies. Simply navigate your way up to the top right corner of the box and make your selection there to switch to the icon layout for a view of your character’s abilities and growth that is much more user-friendly.


Blade & Soul, being an action-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game, blends two distinct types of combat: class- and skill-based actions, as well as reactive, situational actions. Blade & Soul’s combat, on the other hand, is more in-depth and feature-packed than anything else that is presently on the market for fighting games or MMOs. This is because the game efficiently bridges the gap between the two types of games.

Simple acts like as successfully blocking or striking the opponent cause changes to your hot bar, which in turn opens up totally new possibilities dependent on your position in the battle at any given time. Because it is a more dynamic fighting system, it enables a knowledge of the gameplay to be more important than numbers in the majority of scenarios. Additionally, there are classes who specialise in healing, which means that the only way to recover control of a battle is by inflicting significant damage on your adversary. When it comes to fighting, Blade & Soul places a heavy emphasis on “kill or be killed.”


In Blade & Soul, the majority of goods may only be sold for a single bronze coin, and this is the case regardless of how awesome the piece of treasure is that you are considering selling. Keep in mind that the price of acquiring essential commodities such as food from vendors is often one hundred times more than that, and the significance of maintaining possession of those coins should be self-evident.

Because there are so few items available, the best locations to shop are the loot auctions that are particular to dungeons and the general marketplace. The hefty cost of improvements once you reach the endgame makes it very necessary to start accumulating cash as early as possible.


You may earn free in-game goodies by participating in Daily Dashes and in-game surveys. There isn’t a single player of a massively multiplayer online game (MMO) in the whole globe who doesn’t like the concept of free things, and at the beginning of the game, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to obtain just that. It is possible to get some more cash, valuable healing items, keys, and Unsealing Charms by participating in Blade & Soul’s Daily Dashes and responding to NCSoft surveys when they become available. Both of these activities may be completed quickly and easily.


As you approach the end of the first act of Blade & Soul, you will be challenged by the Blackram Narrows, which is the first important dungeon in the game. Even though you have the option to bypass the dungeon altogether, it is in your best interest to not only clear it but also to grind through it until you have done so 10 times. If you carry out this action, you will not only get a significant amount of experience and treasure, but your character will also receive a massive increase of 400 health points.

To make use of this perk, you will first have to use the ‘U’ key to bring up your Achievements window, then go to the Bonus Attributes area of the window, and then press the “Activate” button. In addition, grinding Blackram will put you in a better position to obtain all eight components of the very strong Blight Soul Shield.


Do not employ Unsealing Charms or keys for unlocking or unsealing anything, regardless of how illogical this may appear… that is, unless you had anything that would justify the use of either of those items. You will not find anything early on in your Blade & Soul playthrough that is worth utilising these very uncommon things on, therefore it is in your best interest to store them until later on in the game when you will need them.

It’s common for the value of these sealed or locked goods to increase after they’ve been broken down into their component parts. You may get more valuable components for fusing objects by salvaging green and blue materials. These components are beneficial in a variety of ways.


In Blade & Soul, climbing the ranks of a crafting or collecting guild is the most efficient method to amass resources and earn some coin. This is also one of the most rewarding ways to do it. When it comes to providing a player who is just starting out with a leg up, there are some guilds that are more helpful than others. There are 14 different guilds that each provide their own set of bonuses and rewards to players.

You may choose two different gathering guilds and two different crafting guilds to continue through. Changing guilds will cause you to forget all you learned in the previous guild, so it is best to choose just once and stick with that decision. The Merry Potters and the Tree Fellers are one of the finest pairings in terms of producing money, with the Tree Fellers being vital for getting sap that is utilised in the pottery industry. This makes the Merry Potters one of the best combos. For newbies, it may be a steady source of income, and for those who are knowledgeable enough with the market, it can be a source of real riches.

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