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Battlefield 2042: Best MCS-880 Shotgun Load out

The new attachment system in Battlefield 2042 is one of the aspects that we have always cherished about the game. You basically construct a loadout with three attachments in each slot, and then you can freely switch between all of your attachments while you’re playing the game. However, despite how awesome this is, it does mean that loadouts are more intricate, and it also means that you’ll fall well behind the rest of the pack if your loadouts aren’t well-built. The good news is that we are here to assist you, and today we will be discussing the optimal loadout for the MCS-880 in Battlefield 2042.

Best Battlefield 2042 MCS-880 Loadout

Best Attachments for the MCS-880

The table that follows contains not only the optimal loadout for each weapon according to the standards of conventional loadouts, but also optimal loadouts according to short-ranged and long-ranged concentrated setups. It is recommended that you place the attachments that provide the “best setup” for each weapon in the first available slot for that weapon. This will ensure that selecting the attachment that provides the greatest all-around build requires just one flick of the mouse rather than two or three.

Best Setup
Best Short-Range SetupBest Long-Range Setup
SightK8 HoloK8 HoloK8 Holo
Ammunition#00 Buckshot#4 BuckshotSlug Shell
UnderbarrelLS-1 Laser SightLS-1 Laser SightCobra Grip
BarrelFactory BarrelFactory BarrelFactory Barrel

Even with slugs, the MCS is designed for close-range support, which is why we’ve taken the K8 Holo across all three builds (you’ll see the K8 across a lot of our weapon setup guides because we found it to be the cleanest close-range optic in BF2042, but if you feel more comfortable with something else, then go for that). The ammo is actually the defining attachment throughout these constructions and has a big affect on the weapon, however other than changing the ammunition, there is just a moderate amount of customization available with this weapon, which is bad.

Attachment Effects on the MCS-880

Battlefield 2042: Best MCS-880 Shotgun Load out

You have a really outstanding range of 59 thanks to the slug shells that we utilised in the long-range configuration. These slug shells are among the greatest attachments in the game and are among the best in their category. When you are going between buildings, this will make you a formidable opponent who cannot be ignored. Buckshot shells are wonderful when you’re up close and personal, so be sure to switch back to the optimum setup attachments when you’re pushing targets forward.

Best Specialist, Secondary Weapon, Throwable & Gadget for the MCS-880

Specialist: Santiago “Dozer” Espinoza

Dozer’s riot shield will narrow the distance between you and the enemy, and then all you need to do is swap to a shotgun and blast them to kingdom come. That is, in fact, as straightforward and gratifying as it sounds; he reigns supreme as the PTFO monarch.

Secondary Weapon: MP28

Because you begin Battlefield 2042 with an extremely low starting ammunition supply, you may find that you need to switch to your backup weapon more often than in other first-person shooters. In light of this, we need to steer clear of the M44, which is more of a joke than a real option, and instead focus on the G57 and the MP28, which have a higher rate of fire, greater accuracy, and bigger magazine capacities. The MP28 is essentially the same as the G57 but with a drop-in brace frame. This results in reduced recoil and, as a result, quicker and more accurate follow-up rounds when used in the game. Perfect.

Throwable: Frag

The expansive battlefield sizes and large-scale combat in Battlefield do not lend themselves nicely to the use of any form of grenade. In more contained and strategic firefights, such as those seen in other games, they may be incredibly essential, but in Battlefield, you will have very little opportunity to make effective use of them. Especially not the brand-new proximity sensor, which, in order to be of any value, requires a significant increase in its rangeā€¦ Because of this, we have decided to utilise frags as an easier option. Everyone is familiar with how to use them, and at the absolute least, they have the potential to earn you a kill on the objective.

Gadget: Recoilless M5

We are going to assume that you want to get up up and personal with the goal when you have a shotgun, and as a result, we are going to focus on maximising our kill potential on the flag. We may have gone with the C5 for this role, but going with the M5 gives you the ability to take down any tanks that are camped up near the goal.

The optimum way to construct the MCS-880’s attachment configuration and loadout has been laid out in its entirety for your perusal and use in the preceding paragraphs.

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