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Arena of Kings Tier List

Even though the game didn’t become available to the public until the middle of December 2021, players have already put in a significant amount of time playing Arena of Kings. As a result, we now have statistics to back up an official Arena of Kings Tier List, which will provide you with information regarding the best classes available in the game.

It is my opinion that Arena of Kings is one of the most well-balanced player against player (PvP) games that has been launched in recent years. Taking into mind the sheer number of varied variables and factors that the developers were had to consider in order to achieve the desired class balance.

Since I began playing this game in late December, I have been able to achieve an MMR of 2200 in their casual game during the course of that time, which means that my tier list is going to be mostly a representation of that achievement.

The courses will be divided into levels S, A, B, and C respectively.

Patch: v1.1.2.0 v1.3.1.0 v1.4.0.0

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Factors Used

  • Raw damage/healing output
  • Build options
  • Item scaling
  • Amount of possible team compositions
  • Crowd Control
  • Utility
  • Survivability
  • Ranked leaderboards


A flexible healer that can also cast dispels and shields, as well as interrupts. Because of this, the Mystic class may be rather effective in the hands of a skilled player who is aware of how to make full use of the class’s arsenal. The Mystic can do well on its own and is less reliant on the assistance of its teammates than the vast majority of other healers, with the possible exception of the Elder.

Update v1.3.1.0: Mystic has been moved from the A tier to the S tier. At this time, the finest all-around healer class that the game has to offer.

Arena of Kings Tier List


Because to the latest adjustments to the patch, we are at last beginning to witness a greater presence of the Assassin in games with a higher MMR. He is a fantastic survivor on his own and contributes a significant amount of CC and setup potential to a team.

An excellent complement to almost any team composition that already has a ranged damage dealer and a healer.

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DPS Nihilist

Because of the sheer amount of pressure it can put out with Lingering Demise every 11 seconds and Gloom, the DPS Nihilist is another good ranged DPS that pairs well with a wide variety of other classes. This is due to the fact that the Nihilist is defined by their use of Shadow Form, which is Dark Inoculation.

Mind Leech and Orbs are two of the many ways the DPS Nihilist may provide a lot of sustain for both himself and their allies.

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The highest amount of health restored of any of the healers. The Shapeshift: Bear ability provides the squad with excellent survivability as well as CC assistance. Counterplay against the Elder is possible, as it is against all other classes. However, the majority of players have trouble dealing with the Elder.


Probably the class with the equipment that may be used in a variety of different ways. The player that prioritises versatility and originality in their playstyle may consider picking this class as their primary character. Large amount of damage dealt, but difficult casting is required. Can easily kite and control the melee of opposing players.

For additional in-depth information, feel free to have a look at our Guide to the Wizard Class.

Healing Nihilist

A sufficient amount of healing and usefulness. After utilising Blink, this class is put in a highly precarious position, much like the scholar (Teleport). All healing skills, with the exception of the orbs, are hardcast, which means that you may have them quickly disrupted if you aren’t fakecasting or placing yourself well.

Due to the fact that this class functions so effectively in double healer compositions, the Healing Nihilist has been upgraded from the C Tier to the B Tier in the latest version of the patch.

Update v1.4.0.0: The Healing Nihilist has been moved from the B Tier to the A Tier. Even while double healer compositions have taken a significant blow as a result of the recent adjustments to the sudden death mechanics, strong players are beginning to come up with this build, and it may be quite challenging to compete against them.


Has been lately subjected to a several nerfs, which is why we have decided to move this class from A-Tier to B-Tier. Because of the amount of breathing room that this class may provide for the squad, it is still an advantageous addition to any team. Typically used in conjunction with a stun and an interrupt to bring down a healer or caster. Abit devoid of usefulness and without the capabilities necessary for living.


The Ranger excels at putting an end to spellcasters and can also track down an opponent. When compared to other ranged classes, it is a weak option due to its low survivability and lack of teleportation options. Provides superb kiting vs melee teams. Decent damage output.

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A rather respectable amount of healing done and an incredible amount of potential damage dealt if you can time and prepare your Armageddon ability correctly. If the Scholar isn’t cautious about where he positions himself, though, he puts himself in danger of being tracked down and ganked. After utilising his teleport, the Scholar may find himself in a precarious position, especially in comparison to the Mystic and the Elder, who have more effective means of evasion and of coping with pressure. When working as part of a well-coordinated group, this class has the potential to advance to higher stages.

DPS Paladin

The fact that this melee class has no gapclosers means that any strong team can simply kite him, despite the fact that he is capable of doing a significant amount of damage once he hits with his victim. You may make up for this by playing the DPS Paladin with a class that has a lot of CC, which will make it easier for him to connect with his targets (Frost Wizard or Assassin e.g)

v1.3.1.0 Update: Because to the synergy it has with other melees, the DPS Paladin has been moved from Tier C to Tier B. When paired with a champion or an assassin, this class brings forth its full potential.


Highly effective in a variety of team configurations, and a versatile addition to any group. Neither CC nor mobility are present.

Update v1.3.1.0: The Lich has been moved from the S Tier to the C Tier. The damage output of this class has just taken a significant knock, and as a result, it is no longer capable of maintaining itself or creating a significant amount of space for the team.

v1.4.0.0 Update: The Lich’s tier has been changed from C to B. Has gotten damage improvements in the most recent patch, and the damage now seems to once again be meaningful.

Healing Paladin

He has a good healing output, but he is also very dependent on hardcasts, which leaves him susceptible to being interrupted and controlled by other players. You’ll be able to maintain a lot of mana if you use Prudence.

v1.3.1.0 Update: The Healing Paladin’s tier has been changed from B to C. This class is seen on higher-tier teams only very seldom.

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