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Are All TV Power Cords The Same

If you have lost the power cord for your television, you may be wondering whether or not you can use any other power chord, or if you need to buy a new cord directly from the manufacturer.

Therefore, this is the response:

Although not all power cables for televisions are identical, those that are compatible with your set may be used in place of one another. When it comes to televisions that run off of an external power brick, more caution is needed to ensure that any replacement delivers the appropriate amount of voltage and current to the television.

Can I use any power cord for my TV?

In general, you may use any power cable for a TV as long as it physically fulfils the requirements of the device. However, I think it would be a good idea to take things a step further and verify that the cable is indeed capable of transporting the amount of electricity that the TV requires. This information may be gleaned from the TV’s handbook by comparing it with the technical specifications of the cable.

Since both the cable and the TV are very low-power devices, there is a good chance that the cable will be able to handle more current than what is drawn by the TV. Now, some televisions need not just a power chord but also a power adaptor in order to function properly. These are also referred to as a “Power Brick” in certain circles.

These bricks convert the Alternating Current (AC) that is supplied by the mains into the Direct Current (DC) that is necessary for the operation of the television.

The following is an example of what a power adaptor may look like:

Are All TV Power Cords The Same

In this scenario, it is necessary for you to check that the power adapter supplies the appropriate amount of voltage and current that is required by your TV.

Because the components that are normally found in a power adapter are now incorporated into the TV itself, more recent models of televisions do not need the usage of an external power adapter.

How do I know which power cord to get?

Power cords might vary in appearance depending on the kind of television being used. Some have two, while others have three prongs on their end. There are also a variety of configurations for cables with two and three prongs.

The following options are available to you in order to assist you in locating the suitable one:

Match the old power cord with the new power cord

If you haven’t lost your power cable, but the one you have is damaged, all you need to do is take the broken one to a shop and ask the employees there to help you find one that is a match.

Even though the manufacturer of the matching cable may not be the same as the one who created your previous one, you shouldn’t have any problems with it and it should function just fine.

Check the TV manual

If you have the handbook for the TV on hand, it will often give you the specific power cord that you need to purchase. You also have the option of using Google to hunt for the TV manual online by entering “make model manual” into the search bar.

Look on the back of the TV

If you check on the back of the television, you will be able to determine whether you need a cable with two or three prongs to connect it.

Simply by glancing at the configuration of the port, it is possible to discern the form of the cable.

On the back of certain televisions, you’ll also find an inscription that specifies the kind of cable that should be used.

If your TV needs a “adapter” to convert the AC mains into DC, then the port on the back of the TV will normally tell you the voltage that the TV needs. If your TV doesn’t need a “adapter,” then you may ignore this information.

To give you an example, the input voltage for my Sony Bravia is 19.5V DC (see below).

However, you should also check the adapter’s specifications against those listed in the TV’s manual before making a purchase. This will ensure that the converter you buy will provide your TV with the appropriate voltage AND current.

Look Online

The next choice available to you is to do research online. In many cases, the product description will include the brand and model of the television set that is suitable for use with the cable.

The website of the manufacturer is an excellent place to begin, but you could also try searching for what you want on Amazon.

Ask In Person

If you have tried all of the other possibilities and you are still unsure of which cable to acquire, then you should go to the hardware or electronics shop in your area and ask an employee if they can provide any assistance.

It will be to your advantage to provide the individual who is assisting you with as much information as you can. Therefore, you should make sure that you have the brand and model number of your TV on hand.

It could also be helpful to take a photo of the port that is located on the back of the television, as this will allow them to determine which kind of power connection is required.

Can the wrong cord damage my TV?

It all depends on whether the cord is simply a cord or if there is an adapter or power brick in between the TV and the socket when it comes to whether or not the improper cord might harm a TV.

Simple power cord (most modern TVs)

If your television does not need a power brick, then the power cable will function well as long as it is able to fit the television.

To put it another way, all you have to do is check to see whether the male and female plug patterns on the TV and the power cable are compatible with one another.

If, on the other hand, you purchased your television in another nation, you want to be sure that the cable you wish to purchase is suitable for the voltage that is used in the country in which you now reside.

Power adapter/Power brick

You should check the specifications first to see whether your TV needs an additional power adapter in addition to the standard cable connection. If you don’t, you run the danger of breaking the TV.

Most TVs should have some over-voltage/over-current protection circuitry built-in to prevent any mistakes like this.

Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to check that the output voltage and current are well within the parameters of what the TV is able to safely take in.

The handbook is the most reliable resource for checking the specifications.

Can I use any power cord for my Samsung TV?

As long as the power chord physically fits the TV, it will work well with Samsung televisions that just need a basic power cord.

If the Samsung TV, however, needs an additional power source or power brick, then you will need to verify the specifications to ensure that the power brick is compatible with your TV.

Visit if you want to be absolutely certain that the cable you purchase is compatible with your Samsung television.

A power cord designed for use with 4K ultra-high-definition televisions is available for purchase on that website.

You can find out which televisions it is compatible with by looking at the product listing (the link to this page can be found at the bottom of this article under the heading ‘Sources’).

Are all Samsung TV power cords the same?

Because various types of connections are used on the ends of the power cables, not all Samsung TVs utilise the same kind of cord.

Some cables have connections with two prongs, while others have connectors with three prongs. There are also connections that are at right angles to one another. It is entirely dependent on the television.

Can I get a longer power cord for my Samsung TV?

The length of the power cables that come with Samsung TVs may range anywhere from 6 to 12 feet in length.

Are all LG TV power cords the same?

The power cables that come with LG TVs might vary from model to model. The older models of LG televisions, such as Plasmas, utilise an IEC C13 lead, which is comparable to what you would find on a kettle.

Because they use so much less electricity, more recent LG televisions connect through a wire known as IEC C7. These are more reminiscent of a “figure of 8” and may either be straight or have a right angle to them.

Are all Vizio TV power cords the same?

The power cables that come with Vizio TVs are not all created equal. Some Vizio TVs have a lead that is an IEC C13 (in the manner of a kettle), while others have a cable that is an IEC C7 (in the style of a figure 8).

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