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Aimlab Ranks System & Distribution, How It Works

Aimlab Ranks System & Distribution, How It Works

Are you a gamer? Are you looking for material to help you better grasp the aimlab rankings and their associated content? You have, in fact, arrived at the correct location. The Aimlab Ranking system, its many distributions, and the operation of the Aimlab Ranks will all be covered in this article.

Aimlab Ranking System

Let’s begin by having a conversation about the Rank System used in the Aim lab. Aimlabs is a game designed specifically for the purpose of helping players improve their aim. A little under sixteen million players now use this mode to hone their shooting skills. The vast majority of gamers on Valorant make use of aimlab for their shooting practise. From this vantage point, aimlab ranks all the way up to Valorant are quite significant.

A rating system has been included in the aim labs, which serves to indicate a gamer’s level of expertise in his aim. Within the aim labs ranking system, there are nine distinct levels of tiers for one’s rank. The ranks on Aimlab are broken down into nine different levels. They do, and they are

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Ruby
  • Emerald
  • Diamond
  • Master
  • Grandmaster

Tiers serve as the foundation for these various grades. Every rank in the Aim Lab has a total of four levels. To give you an example, we are now discussing the Bronze level. There are four different levels for the Bronze aim lab rankings. They are Bronze 4, Bronze 3, Bronze 2 and Bronze 1.

In the same manner, each aimlab rank is divided into four levels. The Bronze 1 level is the lowest and most undesirable of all the ranks that aimlabs offers. The rank of Grandmaster 1 is the highest possible ranking. These rankings will assist you in defining who you are and determining your level of expertise in aiming.

A point table is associated with this whole rank. After achieving a specific higher level, point rewards will become available to you. You will get a total of 250 points if you are able to achieve the Bronze 4 rank, which is the lowest possible rank. You will get a total of 990 points upon reaching the Grandmaster 1 level, which is the highest possible rank.

Now you can ask a question. How do you go ahead in the ranks in Aimlab? You may increase your rank in Aimlab with the aid of your skill card. Therefore, in order to go higher in the aimlab rankings, you will need to improve your level of accuracy in the aim game.

Players are provided with suggestions by the scorecard system of the aim lab so that they can remain more focused on the aspects of the aim in which they struggle. The aimlab rating system has been discussed in its entirety.

Aimlab Rank Distribution 2022

It is necessary for a player to have knowledge of the aimlabs rank distribution. If you are unable to view the rank distribution, how can you possibly attain your objective? We are providing the current aimlabs rank distribution for the purpose of your education and awareness. This indicates that you will be aware of the rank distribution for AIM lab in 2022.

Previously, we discussed the lowest and highest rankings that were available to us. On the other hand, underneath it, you will find all of the information that you need.

Aimlab Rank Table by points

Tiers are the building blocks for Aimlab rankings. There are four levels in each tier, with level 1 being the most advanced. Your rank is equal to your level in addition to your tier. The Aimlab rating with the lowest possible score is a Bronze 4, and the highest possible score is a Grandmaster 1. For your convenience, the table of points broken down into tiers is below.

Aimlab Ranks System & Distribution, How It Works
Bronze Tier
Bronze 4250
Bronze 3260
Bronze 2270
Bronze 1280
Silver Tier
Silver 4290
Silver 3300
Silver 2310
Silver 1320
Gold Tier
Gold 4340
Gold 3360
Gold 2380
Gold 1400
Platinum Tier
Platinum 4420
Platinum 3440
Platinum 2460
Platinum 1470
Ruby Tier
Ruby 4500
Ruby 3530
Ruby 2560
Ruby 1590
Emerald Tier
Emerald 4620
Emerald 3650
Emerald 2660
Emerald 1690
Diamond Tier
Diamond 4720
Diamond 3750
Diamond 2780
Diamond 1810
Master Tier
Master 4840
Master 3870
Master 2900
Master 1930
Grandmaster Tier
Grandmaster 4960
Grandmaster 3970
Grandmaster 2980
Grandmaster 1990

Caution, The rank distribution that is now being shown is the most recent distribution of goal lab rank. Do not let yourself be misled by other people.

How the Aimlab ranking system works

The rating system used by the goal lab is straightforward and simple to grasp. As was mentioned before, the combination of your several skill cards determines your current rank. These cards are assisting you in climbing higher in the ranks of the game. That indicates that cards will be finding their way into your ranks.

However, there is a debate that arises over whether or not you need more skill cards in order to advance in rank. Right? The question then becomes how and where you will get skill cards.

Take note of the measures, for starters. After achieving a higher aimlab rank, you will be awarded a certain number of points. If you paid attention to the section before this one, you saw the rank dispersion there. There, we discussed the points that would be awarded to you after you achieved a certain level. You should compile all of the points you’ve earned and use them to make a talent card. Create a talent card for the area in which you are most lacking in knowledge.

There are a great number of skills that are difficult to perfect. The abilities Circleshot, Strafetrack, Circle track, Blinkshot, Ninja shot, Freetrack, and Trafeshot, among others, are among the most difficult ones. You may thus convert your points into these skill cards if you believe that you have deficiencies in any of these areas. Go to the skill after going to your data profile, where you will discover your scores for each of your skill cards. You are need to first register in aimlab rank before accessing the data profile.

You will be given the procedure for transforming the scores on your skill cards into actual skill cards.

A large number of well-known aim training games, such as kovaak’s, use the rating system developed by aim lab. If you have studied the material thoroughly, you won’t have any questions concerning the rating system used by the aim trainer.

Video Guide

Who has the highest score in Aimlab?

Mevokk has the highest score in aimlab on June 6th, 2022. His score is 109,152, and his response time is 191 milliseconds. He has 307 kills, 310 targets, and 5.12 kills per second. His accuracy is 95.3 percent. This role is not reserved for anybody in particular. Rolling by user performance at this point.

How do I get ranked in Aimlab?

Ratings were updated. You’ll climb. Your scores interest you.
This update promotes unranked training. Previously, your score was the median of your past 100 plays in a category, thus rank advancement was sluggish.
We changed strategy. New approach averages 100 plays per region.
You may now see your current and future rating. You’ll boast.
New Profile tab provides rating, rank, strengths, and flaws. Ranking.
Mission-complete screen displays. We’ll praise this screen.
My profile isn’t rated. Six categories, please. Jobs. Training sorts jobs. After enough assignments, you become grandmaster.

What is Ruby rank in Aimlab?

Ruby is considered to be the “Average” rating in Aim Lab, while Emerald is the next ranking after Ruby. The term “average” refers to when your performance on all tasks is somewhere around 50 percent, which is Platinum. The current average is a Ruby III, which corresponds to the 50th percentile of all possible scores.


The takeaway from this piece is that the aimlabs rank is accessible to players of any level, making it possible for anybody to achieve mastery of the skill. You are aware that the goal lab uses skill cards and skill card scores as a basis for its ranking system. You just need to convert the scores on your skill cards into skill card scores. However, make sure that you convert the points on your skill card into the appropriate skill card. Invest the points in the skill card in which your proficiency is lowest.

That is all there is to know about the aimlab rankings, the aimlab ranking system, and how it works. We went through everything that is important for you to understand. If you read what’s here in the right way, it will be beneficial to you. If you don’t, you won’t understand all there is to know about your Aim Lab rankings and its other features.

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