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A Full Guide to PACMAN doodle 30th Anniversary

This isn’t a trick on you. Yes, it is correct. However, you can also play Ms. PacMan doodle on Google Maps, which is a really cool feature. Google has given its Google Maps applications for iOS and Android a retro-style makeover in order to prepare for today’s day of laughter. Launching the app and clicking on the pink Pacman 30th Anniversary adorned circle in the lower right corner of the screen, where the regular navigation and location buttons are, will let you to begin playing.

As soon as you hit the button, your location will be turned into a Ms. Pac-Man level, with your street serving as the game’s playing field. The game is simple to play. Simply tap in the direction in which you wish to travel. Allow yourself to burst out laughing as your walk to the shops morphs into a deliciously dotty escape route away from the demons that have been haunting you.

Pac-Man, sometimes known as Pacman Doodle Google, is a video game that is built around an intriguing concept. In the Maze, a character with a round face and a pizza shape eats dots. It was first introduced on the 22nd of May, 1980, on the Japanese market. When it was first released, the Namco-developed Google Doodle Pacman game was known as Puck-Man.

Pac Man Doodle Pacman 30th Anniversary – The History

Toru Iwatani, a Japanese video game designer born in 1980, was responsible for the game’s creation. The game’s design and development began in April 1979, and it was completed in less than a year after that. After then, Midway Games obtained a distribution license for it in the United States of America.

Then, more than five weeks after its release in Japan, Pacman’s 30th Anniversary was released in the United States. The game was instantly released on the market and swiftly rose to the top of the charts in terms of sales.

PacMan Doodle Google Online

A colorful video game celebrating Pacman’s 30th anniversary, Pacman’s 30th Anniversary has amusing and humorous characters, an easy-to-use interface, and comfy designs. That sounds like a lot of fun. Pacman’s 30th Anniversary received a great deal of media attention this year.

Because of the site’s interactive Google doodles and animated designs, it is a popular destination. As of right moment, it is estimated that more than 1 billion people participated in the Google Doodles Pac-Man game. At the end of the day, Google has transformed the logo into a playable online game.

How to Download and Play Pacman 30th Anniversary on PC?

Google Doodle has brought back the famous PC game Pacman from 2010, in order to help individuals who are feeling bored. So, if you find yourself in a COVID situation with nothing to do, try your hand at the Google Doodle Pacman game for the first time. We are confident that you will appreciate it. Using this comprehensive instruction, you will be able to download and play Pacman on your PC in no time.

Play On PC

  • The first step is to download Blue Stacks and install it on your computer.
  • Then, on your search engine, look for the term “PAC-MAN.”
  • When you’ve found it, click on it to install it.
  • To download the game, you must complete the sign-in process.
  • As soon as the installation is complete, touch on the Pacman symbol on the main screen to begin playing, or wait until the installation is complete before starting.

Play On Google Maps

A fun Easter egg was unveiled on April 1st, 2017, by Google, which allows you to take part in Pacman’s 30th anniversary celebration within Google Maps. So, what are the measures to take in order to take advantage of this one-of-a-kind Google feature? Simply go to Google Maps and click on the Pacman doodle game icon located in the bottom left corner of Google Maps to complete the process.

Now, after you have clicked Google.

When you click on the Doodles Pac Man button, Google will take you to a zoomed-in region featuring a variety of roadways. You’ll also learn how to play the Pacman 30th anniversary game, which is included in the download. You could even remove the map and replace it with a different one.

  • PacMan’s 30th Anniversary is marked by several incredible facts.

Following is some facts on the Pacman Doodle 30th Anniversary that will undoubtedly drive you nuts! –


The game’s approach is straightforward. Pac-Man needs your help to eat fruit and move the dots on the Pac-Man map in order to travel through the Maze and avoid being eaten by ghosts. There are just three lives left in the game. In addition, you will receive an additional life worth 10000 points. After passing the first 255 levels, the real exam will begin.

It is possible to neutralise ghosts by using power pallets, which may be found at each of the Maze’s four corners.

Ghosts may be eaten and eaten again using the power pallet, but after time, the amount of time it takes for the ghost to devour the power pallet decreases. Due to the fact that ghosts increase their speed, you must take your time and make the appropriate actions.

Level 256 – The ‘Kill Screen’

When you reach the 256th level of Pacman Doodle Google, the game will be split into two screens for your convenience. The left-hand side of the game will morph into a jumbled mess of numbers, fruits, and fruits, making the game unworkable. ‘

Winning the Perfect doodle Pacman Score

On Pacman’s 30th Anniversary, you will be able to obtain the highest possible score of 3,333,360. Billy Mitchel was the one who accomplished this feat in 1999. Since then, no one has been able to beat the previous mark, which stands at this time.

The Pacman Ghosts

Google’s illustrations Pac-Man Ghosts are available in four different colours and each has a unique moniker.

  • Oitake (Japan) is represented by the color red (US).
  • Machi buse (Japan) and Speedy are the colors of the day (US).
  • The color Cyan represents immaturity in Japan and shyness (US).
  • Tooke (Japan) and Pokey (U.S.) are examples of oranges (US).
  • Finally, some words of wisdom.

Greetings, readers! In this post, you will learn about the most popular arcade game ever created, Pac Man doodles, and how to play it on Pacman’s 30th Anniversary. After several months of playing Pacman Doodle, we can say with confidence that it is quite enjoyable. In addition, if reading this guide has piqued your interest in the game, it would be worthwhile to give it a shot.

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