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7 Best Zombie Games for Xbox One

Let us put our creative juices to work and conceive of the following scenario: You find yourself all by yourself in an unfamiliar location, which is most likely a graveyard (because that’s where all the action takes place, right?).

It’s quite calm and serene here. You become aware of a faint screeching sound that gradually increases in volume, and before you realise it, a scaly hand comes out from under the earth in an attempt to seize you.

You feel uneasy and start running away from the situation. It doesn’t take long until you discover that you aren’t the only one around, and that there is a group of people following you.

You can’t shake the notion that something from another dimension is coming for you right now. After then, you become aware of it: the Undead!

It is remarkable how preoccupied our society is with the concept of the undead. Practically every facet of our lives has been infiltrated by zombies, from old George A. Romero films to

The Walking Dead is now airing in its 100th season on AMC. Romero movies to the new season. Video games are no different.

Since the original Resident Evil game broke new ground in the survival horror genre, we have been on the lookout for any opportunity to murder, dismember, and otherwise humiliate the living dead.

As such, here is a rundown of the top seven zombie games available for the Xbox One at the moment.

1. Dying Light

Take control of Kyle Crane, an undercover agent who has been sent to Harran, Turkey, in the middle of a pandemic caused by a viral outbreak.

The citizens of the city are now under the control of violent human groups as well as hordes of zombies.

After dark, it is at your own peril to walk out into the open since the zombies become noticeably more dangerous, led by speedy apex zombies who will chase Kyle over the rooftops of Harran.

Players will navigate the expansive world of Dying Light via a novel combination of parkour and zombie survival by sprinting over rooftops, slipping under barricades, and gliding on ziplines. Dying Light was developed by Techland.

Due to the inclusion of an online co-op option, Dying Light is easily one of the most impressive zombie games available for Xbox One.

Players may choose to work together to progress through the game in this online cooperative mode, or they can compete against one another in a competitive multiplayer mode pitting humans against zombies.

2. Black Ops Cold War: Outbreak Zombies

To get things started, let’s take a look at one of the most impressive zombie games available for Xbox One in the more recent annals of video gaming.

Since Call of Duty: World at War, every succeeding version has given fans a fresh and improved experience with the zombie mode.

Longtime fans were treated to an event that only happens once in a lifetime in the year 2020, when Treyarch and Activision set aside their differences and collaborated on a version of Call of Duty: Warzone that included zombies.

With the release of the second season of Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War, the first open-world zombie experience in the Call of Duty series, Outbreak Zombies, was made available to players.

In Outbreak Zombies, a group of up to four players may work together to complete goals and fight off the undead while warping between the three fireteam maps that are available in Cold War: Golova, Alpine, and Ruka.

You will need to acquire perks, armour, and killstreaks, as well as enhance your customised weaponry before moving on to the next wave.

In addition, the degree of difficulty will increase with each warp you take. By the time wave 10 arrives, players will be met at every turn by armoured zombies, Megatons that do significant damage, and Manglers that deal instant death.

The Outbreak is a free game for those who purchase Black Ops: Cold War, but it’s only a taste of what the next Call of Duty game has in store for zombies.

Check out Die Machine and Firebase Z for even more opportunities to kill the living dead.

3. World War Z

The novel World War Z represents the pinnacle of intense zombie survival.

World War Z is a third-person survival game that is set in the same world as the 2013 film starring Brad Pitt and is largely based on the book of the same name, which was published in 2006.

The action takes place from a third-person perspective, and the objective is to make it through big cities overrun by zombies while working together with a group of friends.

Because the pandemic has reached every part of the world, different cities, such as New York, Moscow, Jerusalem, Tokyo, and Marseille, each have their own storylines and distinct characters.

The players will be need to defend themselves against waves of zombies, which will consist of dozens, if not hundreds, of zombies coming full speed at them.

Players of World War Z will have the option of selecting from one of seven distinct classes, each of which has a specific role to play in the overall objective of the game:

  • The Gunslinger — ranged combat
  • The Fixer — engineer/repairs
  • The Hellraiser — an explosives expert
  • The Medic — team healer
  • The Exterminator — crowd control
  • The Slasher — melee combat
  • The Drone Master — controls both offensive and defensive drones

The capability of World War Z to show 1,000 enemies on the screen at the same time is without a doubt the most amazing aspect of the game.

Even while zombies are incredibly simple to kill and just a basic level of gun skill is necessary to do well in the game, the sheer quantity of zombies may make even the most well-coordinated teams highly vulnerable to defeat.

World War Z has both player against player (PvP) and player versus environment (PvEvP) competitive multiplayer modes. These modes include Swarm Deathmatch, Swarm Domination, and King of the Hill in the PvP genre.

4. State of Decay 2

The open-world zombie survival game State of Decay 2 places a greater emphasis on gathering resources and making items than it does on just eliminating zombies.

It is the follow-up to the first game that was released in 2013, and it serves as a stopgap for fans as they wait for the third instalment.

The Xbox One version of State of Decay 2, which challenges players to build communities, gather resources, and defend themselves against waves of zombies, is widely regarded as one of the greatest zombie games available for that console.

As is usual in the majority of zombie literature, human beings will be the primary danger to your continued existence. Make friends or adversaries of your opponents. It is totally up to you to decide.

Explore the environment from a third-person perspective as you and up to three other players try to stay alive.

The combat engine in State of Decay 2 has received mixed reviews from reviewers; while some have praised it, others have found that the survival features may get tiresome at times.

The second instalment of the State of Decay series is an excellent zombie survival game.

On the other hand, readers who are looking for a high-octane experience may find that some of the other titles on this list better satisfy their needs.

Make sure you acquire the Juggernaut edition of the game, since it addresses a great deal of problems with the game’s overall quality of life, such as pugs, patches, and gameplay.

5. Resident Evil 4

We have spent a considerable amount of time playing Resident Evil 4, and we have. Although it has been remastered many times after its first release on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2005, the game is still considered to be the original version.

In 2017, a remastered version of Resident Evil 4 was made available for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It is generally agreed upon that RE4 is the finest Resident Evil game that has ever been produced.

Some people consider Resident Evil 4 to be “the finest video game of all time.” [Citation needed] Fans are demanding a full reimagining of their preferred Resident Evil game in the wake of the recently released remakes of Resident Evil 2 and 3.

On the other hand, if the rumours of a Resident Evil 4 remake are to be believed, the game won’t be available until 2022.

Those who haven’t seen Resident Evil 4 have, without a question, been missing out on something great.

Control As he embarks on a quest to seek for and save President Grahm’s daughter, Ashly Grahm, Leon Kennedy, once the most devoted officer in the Racoon City Police Department and now a special operator, will be following.

In order to face Los Illuminados, the organisation that is responsible for Ashley’s abduction, Leon journeys to a remote region of Spain.

While delivering a tale that is comparable to that of The Last of Us, Leon will engage in combat with some of the most intricate monsters that have ever appeared in a Resident Evil game.

You may also put your abilities to the test outside of the main campaign in a minigame called Mercenary Mode. This minigame is a wave-based, timed survival competition that awards players with equipment to use in the main campaign.

6. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead has solidified its position as the preeminent zombie show in the industry.

Because of the success of the long-running AMC series and the many other spin-off ventures, The Walking Dead has been adapted into a number of different video games.

In this narrative-driven, choice-based game, players will go through chapters of compelling storylines that are comparable to those featured on AMC’s flagship programme.

The plot of the video game more closely follows that of the original comic book series that established The Walking Dead’s reputation.

Telltale Games began development on The Walking Dead in 2012, and the game has since been made available in four complete seasons, each of which has between four and six episodes, in addition to a short season centred on Michonne.

As you go through The Walking Dead, the game will preserve a record of the decisions you make. Certain choices and speech options will either have favourable or bad repercussions for the player later on in the game, similar to the outcomes of many other narrative-choice video games.

Throughout the whole of the game, players will assume control of Lee Everette and Clementine as they struggle to stay alive in a world overrun by walkers and hostile survivors.

You will have the ability to look in certain places for items and to have conversations with NPCs utilising a range of different chat settings.

The vast bulk of the gameplay, on the other hand, is comprised of tough button commands that need prompt decisions and have the potential to alter the course of the narrative.

7. The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2, the follow-up to the game with the same name that was released in 2014, is the pinnacle of horror video games.

Although there are many who would argue that it isn’t really a zombie game, it does include elements that players would expect to find in an undead action adventure.

The player assumes control of Sebastian Castellanos, a former police sergeant and investigator who is charged with removing the horrific creatures he will see on his trip. Players are tasked with eliminating the terrifying animals they will come across on their adventure.

In The Evil Within 2, players take control of a third-person protagonist and participate in over-the-shoulder combat. This change brings the gameplay closer in line with Resident Evil’s approach.

The gameplay of The Evil Within is quite similar to that of Resident Evil, which is not surprising considering that Shinji Mikami, the man responsible for creating the Resident Evil series, was the game’s designer.

When it comes to the question of whether or not the film series will be given a third instalment, there is not much information available.

In recent times, Bethesda Game Studios has become one of the most recognisable names in the video game industry. Those who enjoyed Bethesda’s game The Evil Within should be willing to wait for the company to make an announcement.

Keep in mind that Bethesda is now hard at work on Starfield, which will be their next massive project.

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