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10 Anime Villains Who Peaked Too Soon

It is always sad to not see a villain completely achieve their stride, and it does not matter how early a villain reaches their pinnacle in their power.

The bulk of the antagonists in anime are responsible for some remarkable acts. Villains take great pleasure in making a fuss and ensuring that there is a lot of noise following their actions, regardless of whether they are destroying cities, murdering heroes, or merely setting in motion unfathomable changes to the sociopolitical landscape.

However, for some nefarious characters, their moment of earth-shattering villain renown simply comes a little bit too soon. Sometimes the most remarkable or terrible deed they’ve accomplished occurred before their series ever started, leaving them to constantly remain a shell of the person they once were, or they have a tonne of potential that is just never explored. Both of these scenarios are equally frustrating. It is always sad to not see a villain completely achieve their stride, and it does not matter how early a villain reaches their pinnacle in their power.

Itachi Uchiha Committed His Most Heinous Act In Flashbacks (Naruto)

10 Anime Villains Who Peaked Too Soon

Even though Itachi is not your traditional anime bad guy, he nevertheless manages to do his most renowned crime a great deal too early on in the story. Itachi had already exterminated the whole Uchiha clan before Naruto ever starts, with the only exception of Sasuke, Itachi’s younger brother. Sasuke is the only survivor.

Itachi is a formidable adversary who possesses a lot of skill; however, due to the circumstances surrounding the mass murder of his clan, he never does anything even remotely as villainous and is regarded as less of a threat than other Naruto villains. This is despite the fact that Itachi is a formidable opponent who possesses a lot of skill.

The Phantom Troupe Came & Went Too Quickly (Hunter X Hunter)

The Phantom Troupe is the only group that appears in the Yorknew City Arc of Hunter x Hunter as the antagonists, and here is where their status as the antagonists is established and maintained. The troupe becomes a comedy relief company without its captain when Kurapika takes Chrollo’s Nen away from him. They return intermittently throughout the remaining arcs to spew humorous disputes at each other and sometimes accomplish something meaningful.

The Phantom Troupe is never able to achieve the same level of success that they had during their first story arc. One of their members, Feitan, has a moment that really stands out in the Chimera Ant Arc later on, but other than that, the others don’t really do much in terms of being villains.

Rize Kamishiro Revealed It All In Episode One (Tokyo Ghoul)

Being the woman whose death started it all and created the circumstances that allowed Tokyo Ghoul’s Kaneki to become the one-eyed ghoul he is today, Rize sometimes felt wasted on such an early out. She was the woman whose death created the circumstances that allowed Kaneki to become the one-eyed ghoul he is today. She is the textbook example of someone who reached their full potential much too soon since her impact is so enduring despite the fact that she only had a little amount of screen time.

The fact that Rize was a powerful ghoul who was well-known in their culture is revealed to the audience at a later point, and this information is relayed to them on several times. Because of this, the fact that no one ever gets to see her at her prime, when she was probably much more horrific than the majority of the other characters in Tokyo Ghoul, is an even greater source of disappointment.

Chief Lion’s Anticipation Is Worse Than His Reveal (Beastars)

The first season of Beastars does an excellent job at establishing a tense mood throughout the show. Following the tragic passing of a well-liked student at Cherryton Academy, every character is on edge, and the viewers feel the same way. They are curious as to which heinous bad guy will show up at the very end to bring everything full circle.

Although the audience is introduced to a really terrible antagonist in Chief Lion, who thinks that inflicting fear on herbivores before to eating them would improve their flavour, Chief Lion does not appear for a particularly lengthy period of time in the film. Because Louis decides to take his own life, Chief Lion is relegated to the role of a villain whose notoriety is based more on rumours and previous deeds than on his actual on-screen behaviour.

Gluttony Is Less Terrifying The Longer He’s Around (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)

The character Gluttony from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood is an example of the kind of antagonist that is intended to make viewers feel uneasy. Gluttony’s utter disdain for human life stems from the fact that he is always hungry and wants to devour humans above all other things. This makes him a type of shock-factor opponent who may be thought of as an antihero.

When viewers first get a glimpse of Gluttony in Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, he poses a significant danger to them. It seems as if he would devour Edward or Alphonse in a terrible show of carnivorous behaviour if he were to get his hands on either of them, but as time passes, he just lacks the stamina to do so. The ensuing encounters appear to practically skirt around Gluttony, and his tragic death at the hands of Pride is quick and unsatisfying.

Wretched Egg’s First Appearance Can’t Be Matched (Deadman Wonderland)

A horrific slaughter takes place right at the beginning of Deadman Wonderland. The story begins with our main character, Ganta, sitting in his classroom when all of a sudden, a mysterious figure covered in a cloak materialises outside the window. This thing knocks him unconscious and then proceeds to murder everyone in the classroom except for Ganta, which causes Ganta to awaken to find himself surrounded by the bodies of his friends and accused of killing them.

This mystery foe, known as the Wretched Egg, was the monster in question in Deadman Wonderland. Due to the fact that the anime was terminated after just one season, the Wretched Egg’s most notable accomplishment as a villain is obviously the carnage that occurred in the classroom.

Frill Loses A Certain Edge Without Her Physical Body (Wonder Egg Priority)

Frill was an artificial human that resembled a 14-year-old girl and was introduced as the major antagonist in Wonder Egg Priority. This unique twist on the magical girl genre provided a fresh perspective on the familiar storyline. After a protracted chain of unfortunate occurrences, Frill committed murder out of envy, killing Acca’s wife and daughter. Ura-Acca later burnt Frill’s corporeal corpse, but her influence could still be felt after she was gone.

Frill was far more horrifying when she had a physical body, despite the fact that some of the most brutal and terrifying sequences in Wonder Egg Priority were only able to occur because of the commands given by Frill. The sight of her holding the hairdryer behind her back before she electrocuted Acca’s wife or the sight of her smiling after the murder of his daughter escalated her heinous deeds to a level that has not yet been attained by anything she has done through the Egg World. [Case in point]

The Spider Demon Family Leave A Lasting Impression (Demon Slayer)

Demon Slayer’s Mount Natagumo Arc is where viewers are first introduced to the spider demon family. Rui, one of the Twelve Demon Moons, was the one who formed this family. The story gives each important member of this family a moment in the limelight until they are all taken out one by one, with Rui being the last victim. Their time is not in the least bit limited, yet something about both their plan and the way it is carried out gives the impression that it is over much too fast.

The story of the spider demon family is a terrible and upsetting account of a family that may have benefited by the reappearance of some of the family members at a later point in time. It is more of a monument to how well-written the characters were, and how some viewers thought they were killed off before getting their stride. This is not to say that the storyline wasn’t masterfully done, or that the deaths didn’t seem appropriate.

Annie Leonhart Was Encased In Crystal For Most Of The Series (Attack On Titan)

Annie has been significantly gone from Attack on Titan for a considerable amount of time, despite the fact that she has only just been granted her freedom. In the anime and the manga, she spends the most of her storyline trapped within the crystalline shell that she fashioned for herself earlier in the series when she was on the verge of death. She does not emerge from the shell until the very end of the story.

If Annie hadn’t been taken up by the authorities, she would have been able to carry out Bertholdt and Reiner’s first plan more effectively than the two of them did. Annie was a clever and ambitious young woman who had no qualms about betraying the other girls in their troop. She reached her prime years too soon and then was sidelined for far too many years.

Stain Should’ve Spread His Word Further (My Hero Academia)

Despite the fact that Stain’s story arc in My Hero Academia did wonders for Tenya Iida’s character development, and despite the fact that he was the ultimate stand-out hero of those episodes, it seems as if Stain’s message gets lost along the way. In the anime series My Hero Academia, Stain voiced concerns about the hero system that were absolutely justified, but his voice was cut off far too soon.

Stain didn’t necessarily need to leave later because his confrontation with Iida, Todoroki, and Midoriya was timed well, but there needed to be more about him passing along his ideology. Stain didn’t necessarily need to leave later because his confrontation with Iida, Todoroki, and Midoriya was timed well. It is said that Stain was influential to a large number of villains; nevertheless, this topic is seldom ever discussed in the anime, and it is easy to get the impression that Stain’s actions had no effect at all.

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